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Friday, February 19
PS2 Poster Session 2 & Refreshments Fri, Feb 19, 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM
Ballroom Foyer

Training for More Effective Communication (303282)

*Monica Lee Johnston, M. Lee & Company 

Keywords: communication, speaking, writing, professional development, science, business, education, animal welfare, ethnic studies, consulting

We’ve frequently heard keynote and session speakers at JSM and CSP talk about the importance of communication skills and the need for members of our profession to become more effective communicators. This electronic poster responds to the call for improved communication skills by providing a brief training in effective communication. The audience will read real-world examples of ineffective communication and then identify and correct errors to create examples of effective communication. Communication scenarios will come from public health, education, business, and consulting. This training will positively impact your confidence in your writing and speaking skills.