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Friday, February 19
PS2 Poster Session 2 & Refreshments Fri, Feb 19, 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM
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Creating Easy Way to Generate Regression Tables for Research Papers Using New Set of R Functions (303281)

*Ragheed Fadhil Al-Dulaimi, University of Utah School of Medicine 

Keywords: R function, Customized output, programming

R functions are useful and efficient way to save time with routine & repetitive tasks. In our daily practice, we face situations where changes to the descriptive & regression output tables are requested such as when the data is modified or variables need to be recoded. The raw R output and the word table has to be recreated. Usually, this is not a time efficient process. We present an easy to use, flexible set of R functions for linear, logistic, cox proportional hazard & repeated measures models. Each function can produce a nice looking rtf table with the desired output for the specific model (The estimate, 95% C.I. & p-values) for both the univariate & the multivariate analyses. The user simply enters 3 parameters (the name of the data that contain the necessary variables only, the outcome variable name & the file path for the output). Additional parameters are needed in specific situations such as the clustering variable for models with repeated measures and the time variable for the cox proportional hazard model. Any R user can use the functions easily to produce well-organized tables. These functions allow a faster way to accommodate any requested changes in the analysis.