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Thursday, February 18
PS1 Poster Session 1 & Opening Mixer sponsored by SAS Thu, Feb 18, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Ballroom Foyer

Producing Acceptable Results from Statistical Collaboration (303266)

*Adam Michael Edwards, LISA, Virginia Tech 

Keywords: Collaboration, Tanzania, LISA, audience, target audience, Acceptability

As practicing statisticians, and collaborators, there is rightfully a heavy focus on correct statistical practices both in terms of use of statistics, and results that answer research questions. This overlooks a frequent problem that arises from working with clients who are extremely unfamiliar with statistics: any method used must be both understood, and more importantly, accepted by other practitioners in their field. While working in a statistics laboratory in Tanzania, I encountered the most extreme case of this issue in advisors who neither understood statistics, nor accepted results contrary to their suggestions. A unique feature of my collaborations in Tanzania is the necessity to correct clear statistical errors, while maintaining results that will pass review by a student’s committee. This poster will show that sometimes it is not enough to provide the correct answer to a client’s research question by using understandable statistics by employing worst case scenario examples that refocus a statisticians mind on acceptability of the research to the intended audience.