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Saturday, February 20
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Constructing an Index of Multiple Area-Level Deprivation for Auckland, New Zealand (303198)

Michael Browne, University of Auckland 
Daniel Exeter, University of Auckland 
*Arier Chi-Lun Lee, University of Auckland 
Jinfeng Zhao, University of Auckland 

Keywords: Area-level deprivation, multiple deprivation, deprivation index, factor analysis, geographic information system, geospatial data

Utilizing routinely collected administrative data from government agencies we developed an Index of Multiple Area-Level Deprivation(IMALD) for Auckland at small-area level based on the methodology used by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. Various indicators were selected and categorised into ‘domains’ of deprivation including employment, income, crime, housing, health, education and geographical accessibility. Domain deprivation scores were calculated using factor analysis and combined to construct the overall IMALD. A particular strength of IMALD is that the domains of deprivation can be used independently. This enables researchers to use the income domain to explore the relationship with health outcomes, or omit the health domain when the outcome of interest is a component of the health domain. IMALD was developed with close collaboration between statisticians, domain experts and GIS (Geographical Information Science) researchers. A wide variety of tasks were involved, including defining indicators, developing dedicated small-area level data zones, performing road network accessibility analyses, harmonising data, combining indicators and domains, and data visualisation.