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Friday, February 19
CS04 Data Visualization Fri, Feb 19, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM

How to Avoid Different Graphical Mistakes (303170)

*Naomi B Robbins, NBR 

Keywords: graphical mistakes, effective graphs,

Good graphs are extremely powerful tools for communicating quantitative information clearly and accurately. Unfortunately, many of the graphs we see today are poor graphs that confuse, mislead or deceive the reader. Since there are many more types of confusing and misleading graphs than can fit in a 35 minute session, the different in the title refers to different from the graphical mistakes I talked about at last year’s CSP conference. Although the title and format will be similar to the previous session, the content will be entirely different. After showing a number of graphical mistakes, we will end with some useful little-known graph forms that are different from the ones shown before.