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Friday, February 19
CS13 Communication Fri, Feb 19, 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM
Crystal II

Do You Hear What I Hear? An Examination of Effective Communication (303150)

*Erin Anika Wiley, Westat 

Keywords: communication, collaboration, non-statisticians

The world of communication can be complex and a true challenge to navigate. Much like journeying from one location to another, information travels between us through a multitude of pathways. Some of these communication pathways are straightforward, such as using correct grammar or proper terminology. However, there are other more subtle aspects of communication that operate below the surface, but carry a significant impact. This presentation will offer an examination of particular elements of oral and written communication and how these affect the dynamic between statisticians and the wide variety of individuals they must collaborate with in practice. Experiences and techniques from fellow statistical colleagues will be shared, along with perspectives from the non-statistical audience, including in-house project staff and external client contacts. Specifically, the effects of Tempo (speed and pace of speech), Tone (what is conveyed by tone of voice), and Temperature (formal vs familiar) will be discussed. The intention is not to instruct the audience, but to provide perspective and to encourage self-awareness and mindfulness of each individual’s personal communication style.