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Saturday, February 20
CS21 Maximizing Impact Sat, Feb 20, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Crystal II

Using Humor to Facilitate the Consulting Process (303130)

*David R Bristol, Statistical Consulting Services Inc. 

Keywords: communication, humor

Humor as a communication tool has been investigated as a scholarly endeavor for many years, but it is rarely used by technical professionals, including statisticians. Many people find it difficult to receive information from someone who has little or no sense of humor; however, it is crucial to maintain the balance between professionalism, the importance of our technical skills, and the use of humor to keep the audience’s attention (in appropriate situations and environments). Can humor be used to explain statistical concepts or simply break the ice? Should humor be used only after building a rapport with the clients? This presentation will provide some guidance as to when, how, and why to use humor and when to avoid this tool.