Online Program

Friday, February 19
CS13 Communication Fri, Feb 19, 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM
Crystal II

Explaining Statistics to Nonstatisticians (303105)

*Heather Smith, California Polytechnic State University 
Eric Vance, LISA, Virginia Tech 

Keywords: communication, collaboration, consulting, non-technical skills, ADEPT

Statistics is widely used across business, academia, and government. Yet many statistical concepts are complicated, subtle, and difficult to grasp even by trained statisticians, let alone non-statisticians. For all statisticians who work with non-statisticians, explaining statistical concepts, methods, and results is an essential non-technical skill. In this session we will demonstrate how to improve explanations of statistics by using the ADEPT method. Attendees will have opportunities during the session to practice using this method so that when they return home they will be able to apply this new skill to better explain statistics to non-statisticians.