Online Program

Friday, February 19
CS12 Graphical Design and Software Fri, Feb 19, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Design of Multi-Panel Graphs (303103)

*Richard M. Heiberger, Department of Statistics, Temple University Fox School of Business 

Keywords: graphics, visualization, communications

Complex data analyses may require complex graphs to place the full information of the analysis into a form that the intended client will be able to read. In our opinion, graphs are the heart of most statistical analyses; the corresponding tabular results are formal confirmations of our visual impressions. Data analysts are responsible for the display of data with graphs and tables that summarize and represent the data and the analysis. The graphs are often the best means of communication between the data analyst and the client. This course will emphasize the design of graphical displays that best represent the message of an analysis. Small data sets will often have complexities that we wish to explore and describe. Example graphs will show coordination of conditioning factors, independent variables, and response variables into sets of related panels. Frequently the panels will be "small multiples" of a basic design. Other examples include differently structured panels with coordinated axes. On conclusion, the course participants will be able to look at new data situations and analyses and to design graphs that will communicate the analyst's intended message to the reader.