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Friday, February 19
CS15 Interactivity with R Shiny 2 Fri, Feb 19, 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM
Diamond I&II

Statistical Network Analysis with the statnetWeb GUI (303101)

*Emily Nicole Beylerian, University of Washington 

Keywords: statnet, statnetWeb, R, GUI, network, network analysis

From epidemiology to economics, statistical network analysis is a vital and growing field. statnetWeb is the first graphical user interface for the statnet suite of network analysis R packages, which provides a powerful framework for network modeling based on exponential family random graph models (ERGMs). Using the Shiny framework from RStudio, statnetWeb runs in a web browser and allows users to harness the power of R without interacting with the command line. With tools for descriptive network visualizations, fitting and assessing models, and simulating from models, users across disciplines can perform complete analyses of their network data. Throughout the process, users can download plots and summary tables. The statnetWeb GUI is especially useful for introducing statistical network analysis methods to those without programming experience (e.g., teaching introductory courses or presenting results to clients or colleagues). Experienced network modelers will also find the program useful for performing analysis tasks quickly. Those who wish to develop their skills in the R command line can access the statnet training materials and utilize the same workflow employed in statnetWeb.