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Friday, February 19
CS01 Business Essentials Fri, Feb 19, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Crystal II

Moving from Statistical Consultant to Trusted Adviser: What Clients Want (303081)

*Michael Latta, YTMBA Research & Consulting Coastal Carolina University 

Keywords: business intelligence, consulting, advising, Type V Error

In the September 1, 2010, issue of Amstat News, Sastry Pantula, then president of the ASA, wrote an editorial titled "Soft Skills Just as Important as Core, Computational Skills When Looking for a Job." Following his lead, this session is aimed at preparing the audience through real examples and tips to enable them to better communicate with their clients and customers, have a positive impact on clients and their business operations, and have a positive impact on the organization where those clients and customers live and work. In short, the session is designed to increase participant's business intelligence when practicing as a statistician who is an adviser, not a consultant. The topics covered will be the nature of samples, valid data, simulations, models, and a proposed type V error arising from controversies such as global warming discussed in the ASA Connect Digest online.