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A Successful Model for Creating and Sustaining a Statistical Consulting Center at a Mid-sized University
View Presentation View Presentation *Tisha L Hooks, Winona State University 
Christopher J Malone, Winona State University 

Keywords: statistical consulting center

Winona State University is a mid-sized university consisting of about 8,000 students, most of which are undergraduates. Winona State offers graduate degrees in only nursing and education. The university has increasingly encouraged research that involves undergraduate students, and as a result, several undergraduate programs now include a research/capstone requirement. To meet the increase in demand for resources related to these types of requirements, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics created a Statistical Consulting Center four years ago. A new course, Statistical Consulting and Communication, was also created to assist in staffing the center. Undergraduate students who have proven to be successful consultants are then hired to provide additional support. This poster will provide specific suggestions for creating and sustaining a successful statistical consulting center at a mid-sized university where resources are often scarce.