Online Program

Uplift Modeling: The Enabler “To Do More with Less”
*John Lin, Epsilon Data Management 


Predictive analytics has been used to solve business problems over the last century. In this era of limited marketing budgets, it has never been more important to leverage advanced analytics to roll out smart and efficient marketing programs that deliver impactful results and higher ROI.

In this presentation, we will share a case study utilizing cutting-edge uplift modeling techniques to optimize a client’s savings card program. Savings cards or co-pay cards are powerful tools to motivate adoption and retention, yet they can consume a substantial portion of the marketing budget if not used effectively. Uplift models will help you identify the appropriate combination of patient targets and financial incentives that will enable brand teams to meet their revenue objectives and deliver a healthy ROI. We will shed the insight of uplift model development as well as the lessons learned and other various challenges in implementing this innovative predictive analytics solution.