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Keywords: analytics

The world today is more complex than ever and as a consequence disruptive events, while hard to predict, have a significant impact on retail and must be accounted. Increasingly, analytics play a key role in anticipating and tracking such occurrences (natural disasters, man-made threats) and allows us to systematically learn from past events and provide a safe environment for our associates and customers. In order to enable a level of resilence and recoverability that associates, customers, and communities expect, businesses are adopting a more data-driven approach towards implementing and delivering Global Business Continuity analytics. A common enterprise methodology with a standard process for capturing data and incorporating insights as well as the implementation of a solid Test & Learn foundation are the best steps to accomplising this goal. We would like to share some of our best practices, have an interactive discussion with the audience and give our point of view on how this field is going to evolve in the following years. Time permitting, examples and illustrations will be provided (winter storms, tornatoes, geopolitical events, etc.).