Online Program

DNA of a great data miner
*Elpida Ormanidou, Walmart 
*Daniel Thorpe, Sam's Club 

Keywords: analytics

The technology and development of analytics has been growing exponentially over the last decade, with great breakthroughs in methodology, approaches, automation and software. Now the challenge and gap is more in the consulting/project practices dimensions: problem framing and scoping, domain expertise; communication and partnering, especially in cross-functional teams; and being a decision maker with a POV - the same skills effective business consultants being to the table. And all areas beyond the delivery of good analysis. In this very candid, open presentation and discussion, dimensions and traits of great analytics practioners will be discussed, painting a picture of where we need to go as a profession in the years to come. Time permitting, examples and illustrations will be provided from financial services, retail, and human resources and allocation.