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The TV Guide to Volunteering in the ASA
View Presentation View Presentation *Janet P Buckingham, Southwest Research Institute 

Keywords: volunteer opportunity, talents, experince in the ASA

Are you a student or young professional just getting started in your career as a statistician? Or maybe a ‘seasoned’ statistician with the desire to get more involved in the ASA? Volunteer opportunities within the ASA are just as diverse as the reality and game shows on TV. Based on my experience working in the ASA, I will share insights and tips to help you surf to the right channel of volunteerism. Whether you feel like “The Apprentice” or the “Survivor” at this time in your statistical career, there are many ways you can share your talents with other statisticians. How should you serve, when should you serve and why should you serve in the ASA? “Let’s Make a Deal” and find out what volunteer opportunity may be waiting for you behind door #3!