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ASA Professional Statistician Accreditation: Why it might be right for you!
View Presentation View Presentation *Thomas H Short, John Carroll University 

Keywords: PStat, accredit, credential

In 2010 the ASA initiated a voluntary accreditation program for members. The Accredited Professional StatisticianTM (PStat®) designation parallels existing programs for professional statisticians in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

To date more than 100 ASA members have become accredited. In this presentation we will discuss some of the background and history of ASA accreditation, and the requirements for the ASA accreditation program. We’ll also examine the potential impact of accreditation on individual members, on employers and clients, and on the ASA itself. In conclusion, we’ll consider projections for the number of ASA members who may choose to become accredited, and explore how the program might evolve and even expand over time.

If time permits and with interest from audience members, we may be able to offer individual or small group discussion and counseling about the benefits of accreditation in specific situations and about navigating the process.