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Statistical Practice in the World of Business Analytics: What Do We Need to Succeed?
*Robert N. Rodriguez, SAS Institute Inc.; 2012 President of the American Statistical Association 


Opportunities for statistical practitioners have never been greater. One area of high demand is business analytics, which extracts value from customer and operational data by drawing on a broad ensemble of analytical approaches, including statistical modeling, data mining, forecasting, and optimization. Increasingly, large volumes of data are used to drive decisions that not only increase competitiveness and efficiency, but change the way business is done.

This presentation describes roles for statisticians in business analytics and focuses on three keys to success. The first is training needed to formulate and solve complex real-world problems. The second is programming and computing skills needed to work with “big data”. The third is soft skills needed for statisticians to communicate the relevance of their work and succeed as collaborators and leaders. The Statistical Practice Conference is the first of several ASA initiatives designed to meet these needs and equip statisticians for successful careers in various areas of practice.