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Thursday, September 13
Thu, Sep 13, 4:15 PM - 5:30 PM
Thurgood Marshall East
Population Modeling and Simulation in Tobacco Regulatory Science

Models for Sensory Discrimination with Application to Tobacco Regulatory Science (300791)

*Ghideon Solomon, FDA/CTP 

Keywords: Thurstonian model, Sensory discrimination, Tobacco Regulatory Science

The Center for Tobacco Products at the FDA is authorized to regulate tobacco products under the Family Smoking and Prevention Act (2009). Among the key determinants that contribute to continued use or acceptance of a new tobacco product are flavors and other sensory stimuli. How to model multivariate sensory stimuli among consumers and expert evaluation panels is challenging in tobacco regulatory science. Thurstonian models across the generalized linear models have been applied with univariate outcomes in food science. In tobacco science, we seek models which address multivariate sensory perception for discrimination and acceptance of tobacco products. Current developments and use of these models is hottest in the applications of many fields such as analysis of multivariate sensory discrimination tasks and modeling long term memory in ranking products acceptability. This presentation will discuss non-standard models to solve difficulties and challenges encountered in tobacco science and we will focus on the application of Thurstonian models to enhance greater understanding of the role of sensory effects on smoking behavior. Such understanding plays an important role in regulation of tobacco products to address product changes that are used to reinforce or contribute to tobacco dependence; for example, the incorporation of additives that target attributes such as smoothness, harshness and aftertaste.