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Tuesday, September 24
Tue, Sep 24, 8:15 AM - 10:00 AM
Thurgood Marshall Ballroom
Plenary Session 1

Leading the Future of Health Care Industry with Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning (301052)

*Pandu Kulkarni, Eli Lilly and Company 

Health Care Industry is going through a massive change due to the explosion of data and technology. Statisticians have a phenomenal opportunity and obligation to lead the change in the right direction. Developing and applying Advanced Analytics methodologies for innovative designs and analyses requires modern technological innovation such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML). AI and ML provide significant opportunities to enhance drug discovery, development, and commercialization. There are also challenges to fully release the power of these modern advanced analytics. Those challenges include organizational structure, data and analytics infrastructures, process, culture, and how to identify appropriate opportunities. In this talk, we are going to share our journey. In particular, we will also provide examples in our 4 focused areas including personalized recommendation system, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and automatic control.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Pandu Kulkarni is the Chief Analytics Officer – R&D / Vice President of Biometrics and Advanced Analytics Organization. He joined Eli Lilly in 2000 and has held numerous leadership positions including technical and management positions within and outside of Statistics. He has given numerous invited presentations across the globe to provide training, Continuing Medical Education, and workshops on the use of statistics in medical research. He has published more than 50 articles in statistics and medical areas in peer reviewed journals.