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Saturday, May 19
Computational Statistics
Image and High-Dimensional Processing
Sat, May 19, 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Regency Ballroom A

Analysis of Diagnostic Tests in the CTC Images for Detecting Colon Polyps (304438)

*Krishna K Saha, Central CT State University 
Suojin Wang, Texas A&M University 

Keywords: Accuracy, Beta-binomial model, CTC Images, Diagnostic tests, Interval Procedure,

Diagnostic tests play a vital role in diagnostic medicine by providing reliable information about the patient’s health condition. Given the importance of this role, there has been considerable interest in studying the accuracy of the diagnostic tests in diagnostic accuracy studies. For instance, in the study of detecting colon polyps on the CTC images, it is often of interest in determining whether CAD-enhanced CTC improves accuracy to detect colon polyps. This paper focuses on developing the interval procedures for comparing the accuracy of detecting colon polyps on the CTC images with or without CAD enhancement. An extensive simulation study is conducted for the purposes of evaluating and comparing the performance of these proposed intervals, in terms of coverage and expected lengths. An application to CTC images is used to illustrate the proposed methods.