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Saturday, May 19
Computational Statistics
Sat, May 19, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Regency Ballroom A

Method Selection and Graphical Network: Applications to Gene Expression Data (304436)


*Demba Fofana, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 

Keywords: Bayesian Spatial Network, Gene Expression, Multiple Testings

Analyzing gene expression data rigorously requires taking assumptions into consideration but also relies on using information about network relations that exist among genes. Combining these different elements cannot only improve statistical power, but also provide a better framework through which gene expression can be properly analyzed. We propose a novel statistical model that combines assumptions and gene network information into the analysis. Assumptions are important since every test statistic is valid only when required assumptions hold. We incorporate gene network information into the analysis because neighboring genes share biological functions. This correlation factor is taken into account via similar prior probabilities for neighboring genes. With a series of simulations our approach is compared with other approaches. Our method that combines assumptions and network information into the analysis is shown to be more powerful.