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424 Wed, 8/10/2022, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-204C
Priors and Model Specifications for Variable and Feature Selection — Contributed Papers
Section on Bayesian Statistical Science
Chair(s): Anupreet Porwal, University of Washington
10:35 AM Extending the Spike-and-Slab Lasso for Generalized Linear Models to Accommodate Multinomial Outcomes
Justin M Leach, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Nengjun Yi, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Inmaculada A Aban, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
10:50 AM Using Log Cauchy Priors for Modeling Sparsity
Zihan Zhu, The University of Arizona; Xueying Tang, The university of Arizona
11:05 AM A Comparison of Bayesian Multivariate Versus Univariate Normal Regression Models for Prediction
Joyee Ghosh, The University of Iowa
11:20 AM A Bayesian Linear Mixed Model for Bi-Level Feature Selection
Daniel Baer, University of Pennsylvania; Andrew Booth Lawson, Medical University of South Carolina; Yeonhee Park, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Sharon Xie, University of Pennsylvania ; Andreana Benitez , Medical University of South Carolina; The ADNI, The Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
11:35 AM A Bayesian Methodology for Estimation for Sparse Canonical Correlation
Siddhesh Kulkarni, University of Louisville; Subhadip Pal, University of Louisville; Jeremy Gaskins, University of Louisville
11:50 AM For High-Dimensional Hierarchical Models, Consider Exchangeability of Effects Across Covariates Instead of Across Data Sets
Brian Trippe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Hilary Finucane, Broad Institute; Tamara Broderick, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12:05 PM Floor Discussion