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595 Wed, 8/1/2018, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-West 221
Recent Methods Development on RNA-Seq Data Analysis — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics
Chair(s): Rafal Kulik, University of Ottawa
2:05 PM Differential Expression Analysis of RNA-Seq Data with Integrated Likelihood Method
Yilun Zhang, University of Clifornia, Davis; David Rocke, University of California, Davis
2:20 PM Cell Type-Aware Differential Expression Analysis for RNA-Seq Data

Chong Jin, UNC-Chapel Hill; Wei Sun, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Mengjie Chen, University of Chicago; Danyu Lin, University of North Carolina
2:35 PM DiPhiSeq: Robust Comparison of Expression Levels on RNA-Seq Data with Large Sample Sizes

Alicia Lamere, Bryant University; Jun Li, University of Notre Dame
2:50 PM Testing for Differentially Expressed Genetic Pathways with Single-Subject N-Of-1 Data in the Presence of Inter-Gene Correlation

Alfred Schissler, University of Nevada, Reno; Walter W Piegorsch, University of Arizona; Yves A Lussier, University of Arizona
3:05 PM Variance Component Score Test for Differential Expression in RNAseq Studies

Denis Agniel, RAND Corporation; Boris Hejblum, Universite de Bordeaux
3:20 PM A Data Adjustment-Tolerant Strategy for RNA-Seq Differential Gene Expression Analysis

Guoshuai Cai, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina; Jennifer M. Franks, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth; Michael L. Whitfield, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
3:35 PM Floor Discussion