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81 Sun, 7/29/2018, 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM CC-West 217
New Development in Epigenome-Wide Association Studies — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Genomics and Genetics
Chair(s): Abhijoy Saha, The Ohio State University
4:05 PM Data Adaptive Evaluation of Preprocessing Methods Using Ensemble Machine Learning
Rachael Phillips, Biostatistics, UC Berkeley
4:20 PM De Novo Detection and Accurate Inference of Differentially Methylated Regions
Keegan Korthauer, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Sutirtha Chakraborty, Novartis; Yuval Benjamini, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Rafael Irizarry, Harvard University
4:35 PM A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Analyzing Methylated RNA Immunoprecipitation Sequencing Data

Minzhe Zhang, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Qiwei Li, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Yang Xie, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
4:50 PM Detection of Cell-Type-Specific Risk-CpG Sites in Epigenome-Wide Association Studies

Xiangyu Luo, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Can Yang, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Yingying Wei, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
5:20 PM A Feature Selection Method for Vertical Integrative Analysis of Multi-Assay Genomic Data

Dror Berel, Fred Hutch; Raphael Gottardo, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
5:35 PM Floor Discussion