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36 Sun, 7/29/2018, 2:00 PM - 3:50 PM CC-West 221
Methods for Cancer Epidemiology — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics in Epidemiology
Chair(s): Chengjie Xiong, Washington University in St Louis
2:05 PM Bayesian Joinpoint Regression Model to Study the Effect of Smoking on Lung Cancer Incidence

Ram C. Kafle, Sam Houston State University; Melinda M. Holt, Sam Houston State University
2:20 PM Statistical Interactions from a Growth Curve Perspective

Jaya M Satagopan, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Sean Devlin, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
2:35 PM Evaluating Discriminatory Accuracy of Models Using Partial Risk Scores in Two-Phase Studies
Parichoy Pal Choudhury, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Anil Chaturvedi, National Cancer Institute; Nilanjan Chatterjee, Johns Hopkins University
2:50 PM An Analysis of Systematic Correlation Between Food Preferences and Causes of Death in Public Applying the Age-Environment Model to Age-By-Period Data

Nobutane Hanayama, Shobi University
3:05 PM Leukemia and Myeloid Malignancy Among Cohorts of Persons Exposed to Low Dose (<100 mSv) of Ionizing Radiation in Childhood.
Mark P Little, National Cancer Institute; David Borrego, National Cancer Institute; Ben French, Radiation Effects Research Foundation; Lydia B Zablotska, University of California San Francisco; Jacob Adams, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry; Rodrigue Allodji, Equipe d'Epidémiologie des radiations, Unité 1018 INSERM; Florent de Vathaire, Equipe d'Epidémiologie des radiations, Unité 1018 INSERM; Choonsik Lee, National Cancer Institute; Alina V Brenner, Radiation Effects Research Foundation; Martha S Linet, National Cancer Institute; Marie Lundell, Karolinska University Hospital; Siegal Sadetzki, Gertner Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research; Richard Wakeford, Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, Institute of Population Health; Amy Berrington de Gonzalez, National Cancer Institute; Erik Holmberg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital; Mark Pearce, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Sir James Spence Institute of Child Health; Michele M Doody, National Cancer Institute; Jeremy Miller, Information Management Services; David Campbell, Information Management Services
3:20 PM Floor Discussion