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125 ! Mon, 7/30/2018, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-West 223
New Nonparametric Statistical Methods for Multivariate and Clustered Data — Contributed Papers
Section on Nonparametric Statistics
Chair(s): Xuerong Wen, Missouri University of Science and Technology
8:35 AM Nonparametric K-Sample Test on Riemannian Manifolds with Application to Analyzing Mitochondrial Shapes

Ruiyi Zhang, Florida State University; Todd Ogden, Columbia University; Martin Picard, Columbia University; Anuj Srivastava, Florida State University
8:50 AM Nonparametric Test for Homogeneity of Covariance in Multivariate Regression

Yan Xu, University of Kentucky
9:05 AM Statistical Inference of Two Classifiers by Partial Area Under the ROC Curve with Empirical Likelihood

Xue Ding, University of Kentucky; Mai Zhou, University of Kentucky
9:20 AM Rank Score Test for Regional Quantiles Treatment Effect Detection

Yuan Sun, University of Michigan; Xuming He, University of Michigan
9:35 AM Fully Nonparametric Methods for Partially Complete Clustered Data
Yue Cui, Department of Statistics
9:50 AM Testing Factor-Covariate Interaction in Rank Repeated-Measures Analysis of Covariance ModelsTesting Factor-Covariate Interaction in Rank Repeated-Measures Analysis of Covariance Mo

Donghui Zhang, Sanofi; Chunpeng Fan, Sanofi
10:05 AM Floor Discussion