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Sessions Were Renumbered as of May 19.

CC-W = McCormick Place Convention Center, West Building,   CC-N = McCormick Place Convention Center, North Building
H = Hilton Chicago,   UC= Conference Chicago at University Center
* = applied session       ! = JSM meeting theme

Activity Details

525 * Wed, 8/3/2016, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-W193a
ENVR Student Paper Award Winners — Topic Contributed Papers
Section on Statistics and the Environment , International Chinese Statistical Association
Organizer(s): Elizabeth Mannshardt, EPA
Chair(s): Elizabeth Mannshardt, EPA
10:35 AM Dynamic Social Networks Based on Movement Henry Scharf, Colorado State University ; Mevin Hooten, Colorado State University ; Bailey Fosdick, Colorado State University ; Devin Johnson, Alaska Fisheries Science Center (NOAA) ; Josh London, Alaska Fisheries Science Center (NOAA) ; John Durban, Southwest Fisheries Science Center
10:55 AM A Space-Time Skew-T Model for Threshold Exceedances Samuel Morris, North Carolina State University ; Brian J. Reich, North Carolina State University ; Emeric Thibaud, Colorado State University ; Dan Cooley, Colorado State University
11:15 AM Temperatures in Transient Climates: Improved Methods for Simulations with Evolving Temporal Covariances Andrew Poppick, The University of Chicago ; David McInerney, University of Adelaide ; Elisabeth Moyer, The University of Chicago ; Michael Stein, The University of Chicago
11:35 AM The Role of Regimes in Short-Term Wind Speed Forecasting at Multiple Wind Farms Karen Kazor, Colorado School of Mines ; Amanda Hering, Colorado School of Mines
11:55 AM Floor Discussion
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