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309 Tue, 8/11/2015, 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM CC-401
SPEED: Methods in Machine and Data Mining — Contributed Speed
Section on Statistical Learning and Data Mining , Section for Statistical Programmers and Analysts
Chair(s): Haim Bar, University of Connecticut
The Poster portion will take place during Session 211900
8:35 AM Innovated Interaction Screening for High-Dimensional Nonlinear Classification Yinfei Kong ; Yingying Fan, University of Southern California ; Daoji Li, University of Southern California ; Zemin Zheng, University of Southern California
8:40 AM Functional Template Learning for Type Ia Supernova Shiyuan He, Texas A&M University ; Jianhua Huang, Texas A&M University ; Lifan Wang, Texas A&M University
8:45 AM Sparse Generalized PCA for Selectable High-Dimensional Analysis Qiaoya Zhang ; Yiyuan She, Florida State University ; M. Ross Kunz, Idaho National Laboratory
8:55 AM Mining of Differential Correlation Kelly Nicole Bodwin, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Andrew Nobel, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Kai Zhang, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
9:00 AM A Significance Test for Graph-Constrained Estimation Sen Zhao, University of Washington ; Ali Shojaie, University of Washington
9:05 AM Analysis of Contour Data Using Shape Analysis Methods Marepalli Rao, University of Cincinnati ; Qin Wang, University of Cincinnati ; Subramanyam Kasala, The University of North Carolina
9:10 AM Dynamic Stratification in Panels Etienne Josserand, Nielsen ; William Waldron, Nielsen
9:15 AM A Computationally Enhanced Fuzzy Clustering Method for Big Biomedical Data Chanpaul Jin Wang, University of Massachusetts Medical School ; Hua Fang, University of Massachusetts Medical School ; Honggang Wang, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
9:20 AM Mediation-Based Integrative Genomic Analysis Sheila Gaynor, Harvard University ; Xihong Lin, Harvard School of Public Health
9:25 AM Robust Adaptive Group WLAD-LASSO Nedret Billor, Auburn University ; Kristin Lilly, Auburn University
9:30 AM A Compromise Between the Reduction of Collinearity Problems and Bias of Estimation in Ridge Regression: With the Perspective of Loss Function Xiyuan Liu, The George Washington University
9:35 AM Cohesive Regression Over Networks Tianxi Li, University of Michigan ; Elizaveta Levina, University of Michigan ; Ji Zhu, University of Michigan
9:40 AM Multi-Sample Equal-Covariance Function Testing Jia Guo, National University of Singapore ; Jin-Ting Zhang, National University of Singapore
9:45 AM Identification of Outliers for Periodic Multivariate Functional Data Pallavi Sawant, Kansas State University
9:50 AM Binormal ROC and Precision-Recall Classification with Nonparametric Functions Yingzi Xu, North Carolina State University ; Howard Bondell, North Carolina State University
9:55 AM Consistent Estimation of Dynamic and Multi-Layer Networks Qiuyi Han, Harvard University ; Edo Airoldi, Harvard University ; Kevin Xu, Technicolor
10:00 AM Multiple Imputation in the Presence of High-Dimensional Data Domonique Watson Hodge, Emory University ; Qi Long, Emory University
10:05 AM Data-Adaptive Shrinkage to Non-Null Target: Applications in Environmental Epidemiology Yin-Hsiu Chen, University of Michigan
10:10 AM The Continuous Configuration Model and Community Detection for Weighted Networks John Palowitch, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; Shankar Bhamidi, The University of North Carolina ; Andrew Nobel, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
10:15 AM Floor Discussion

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