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696 Thu, 8/13/2015, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM CC-401
Sparse Classification and Estimation — Contributed Papers
Section on Statistical Computing , Section on Statistical Learning and Data Mining
Chair(s): Stephen Kaluzny, TIBCO Software Inc.
10:35 AM Sparse Distance Weighted Discrimination Boxiang Wang, University of Minnesota ; Hui Zou, University of Minnesota
10:50 AM Solving Fused Group Lasso Problems via Block-Splitting Algorithms Tso-Jung Yen, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica
11:05 AM A Novel Two-Stage Approach to Identify Prognostic Biomarkers for Cancer Genetic Data with Survival Endpoints Zheng Li, Penn State ; Ming Wang, Penn State
11:20 AM A GLARE Algorithm for Selecting Gaussian Graphical Models George Terrell, Virginia Tech
11:35 AM Tweedie's Compound Poisson Model with Grouped Elastic Net Wei Qian, Rochester Institute of Technology ; Yi Yang, University of Minnesota ; Hui Zou, University of Minnesota
11:50 AM Regularization Paths for Huber Loss Regression and Quantile Regression via Semismooth Newton Coordinate Descent Congrui Yi, The University of Iowa ; Jian Huang, The University of Iowa
12:05 PM A Generalized Linear Mixed Model with Normal Mixture Random Effects Lanfeng Pan, Iowa State University ; Yehua Li, Iowa State University ; Kevin He, University of Michigan ; Yi Li, University of Michigan

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