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48 * ! Sun, 8/9/2015, 4:00 PM - 5:50 PM CC-3B
Novel Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Approaches for Health Applications — Invited Papers
Section on Statistics and the Environment , Korean International Statistical Society , Health Policy Statistics Section , Government Statistics Section , SSC , Biometrics Section
Organizer(s): Mikyoung Jun, Texas A&M University
Chair(s): Mikyoung Jun, Texas A&M University
4:05 PM A New Estimation Approach for Combining Epidemiological Data from Multiple Sources Yongtao Guan, University of Miami ; Hui Huang, Peking University ; Xiaomei Ma, Yale University ; Rasmus Waagepetersen, Aalborg University ; Theodore Holford, Yale University ; Rong Wang, Yale University ; Harvey Risch, Yale University ; Lloyd Mueller, Connecticut Department of Public Health
4:30 PM Latent Cluster Modeling of Spatio-Temporal Variation in Small-Area Health Data Andrew B. Lawson, Medical University of South Carolina ; Duncan Lee, University of Glasgow
4:55 PM Joint Modeling of Spatial Outcomes: Benefits to Understanding the Underlying Process and Power Gains Charmaine Dean, University of Western Ontario ; Cindy Feng, University of Saskatchewan ; Alisha Albert-Green, University of Western Ontario
5:20 PM The Modeling of Incomplete Cancer Incidence and Mortality Counts in Time and Space Jon Wakefield, University of Washington ; Laina Mercer, University of Washington
5:45 PM Floor Discussion

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