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Sunday, 08/01/2010
Network--Specific Computer Traffic Modeling and Prediction
Joel Vaughan, University of Michigan; Stilian Stoev, University of Michigan; George Michailidis, University of Michigan
2:50 PM

Semiparametric Estimation and Selection for Nonstationary Spatial Covariance Functions
Nan-Jung Hsu, National Tsing-Hua University; Hsin-Cheng Huang, Academia Sinica; Ya-Mei Chang, CSIRO
5:05 PM

Monday, 08/02/2010
Erosion Prediction with USLE and RUSLE2
Yang Li, Iowa State University

Prediction of Pneumococcal Nonvaccination Among Persons Aged >= 65 Years
Fan Zhang, CDC; Wei Yu, CDC; Tiebin Liu, CDC; Peng-Jun Lu, CDC; Faruque Ahmed, CDC

Improvements in Ability to Detect Undiagnosed Diabetes by Using Information on Family History Among Adults in the United States
Quanhe Yang, CDC; Tiebin Liu, CDC; Ramal Mooneshinghe, CDC; Rodolfo Valdez, CDC; Muin Khoury, CDC

Analysis of NHL Shot Location Data
Michael Schuckers, St. Lawrence University

Risk Predictions from Genomewide Association Data
Hongyu Zhao, Yale University; Jia Kang, Yale University; Ruiyan Luo, Yale University; Judy Cho, Yale University
8:35 AM

Efficient Kriging for Large Spatial Fields
Karl Pazdernik, Iowa State University; Ranjan Maitra, Iowa State University; Douglas Nychka, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Stephan Sain, National Center for Atmospheric Research
9:20 AM

Modeling Log-Linear Restricted Conditional Probabilities for Prediction in Surveys
Yves Thibaudeau, U.S. Census Bureau; Eric Slud, U.S. Census Bureau; Alfred Gottschalck, U.S. Census Bureau
9:35 AM

A Multistate Modeling and Prediction of Survival Distribution Using Information on Subject's Tumor Response Over Time
Shengyan Hong, MedImmune; Iiya Lipkovich, Eli Lilly and Company; Yan Daniel Zhao, Eli Lilly and Company
9:50 AM

Predictions in Generalized Linear Mixed Model
Chenghsueh Yang, University of California, Riverside
9:50 AM

Landmark Prediction of Survival
Layla Parast, Harvard University; Tianxi Cai, Harvard School of Public Health
10:35 AM

Geostatistical Model Averaging
Chun-Shu Chen, National Changhua University of Education; Hsin-Cheng Huang, Academia Sinica
10:50 AM

A Case Study of Using a Genomic Assay to Predict the Benefit of Chemotherapy in Treating Breast Cancer: Testing, Prediction, and Study Planning
William E. Barlow, Cancer Research and Biostatistics (CRAB); Carl Yoshizawa, Genomic Health, Inc.
11:00 AM

Prediction Intervals for Discrete Random Variables
Hsiuying Wang, National Chiao Tung University
11:20 AM

Dynamic Model Averaging for Online Prediction of Continuous and Discrete Processes
Adrian E. Raftery, University of Washington
11:25 AM

Sample Surface Properties and Equivalence of Space-Time Gaussian Random Fields
Yun Xue, Michigan State University
11:50 AM

Predicting Renal Graft Failure Using Multivariate Longitudinal Profiles
Geert Verbeke, I-Biostat; Steffen Fieuws, I-BioStat
2:05 PM

Modeling with Pairwise Comparisons
Jeffrey Leek, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Leslie Cope, The Johns Hopkins University; Donald Geman, The Johns Hopkins University; Giovanni Parmigiani, Harvard University
2:05 PM

Prediction of Advertiser Churn for Google AdWords
Sangho Yoon, Google; Jim Koehler, Google; Adam Ghobarah, Google
2:20 PM

Prediction of Individual Long-Term Outcomes from a Multivariate Cure-Mixture Frailty Model
Yimei Li, University of Pennsylvania; Daniel F. Heitjan, University of Pennsylvania; E. Paul Wileyto, University of Pennsylvania
2:30 PM

Prediction via Sparse Kernel PCA
Tianxi Cai, Harvard School of Public Health
2:35 PM

Complete and Incomplete Bayesian Models for Financial Time Series
John Geweke, University of Technology, Sydney
2:55 PM

Issues on Threshold Selection in Predictive Biomarker Analysis
Li-an Xu, Bristol-Myers Squibb
3:20 PM

Tuesday, 08/03/2010
A Consistent Estimator of the Absolute Deviation Between Predicted and Observed Survival Functions
Matthias Schmid, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Does a Hybrid Regression Provide the Optimal Prediction Equation?

Impact of Relying on Sample Variance-Covariance Estimate on Prediction Accuracy and Statistical Power of Hypothesis Testing When n << p
Peter H. Hu, Merck & Co., Inc.; Yue Wang, Merck & Co., Inc.; Jared Lunceford, Merck & Co., Inc.

A Statistical Model for Concentrations of Haemoglobin A1c Over Time in Response to a Treatment Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Larry Z. Shen, Amylin Pharmaceuticals; Ping Yan, Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Generalized Exponential Weighted Moving Average for Time Series Forecasting
Lu Wang, University of California, Davis

Providing Double Protection for Unit Nonresponse with a Nonlinear Calibration Routine
George Gordon Brown, RTI International
8:35 AM

Neural Networks for Time Series Prediction: Practical Implications of Theoretical Results
Melinda F. Thielbar, North Carolina State University; David A. Dickey, North Carolina State University
8:35 AM

The Variability of p-Values
Dennis D. Boos, North Carolina State University
8:35 AM

Improving the Preliminary Values of the Chained CPI-U
John Shearer Greenlees, Bureau of Labor Statistics
8:50 AM

Weights, Double Protection, and Multiple Imputation
Phillip S. Kott, RTI International ; Ralph E. Folsom, RTI International
9:25 AM

Reference and Prediction Regions in Medical and Pharmaceutical Research
Robb Muirhead, Statistical Scientist
9:25 AM

Bayesian Model Averaging for Improved Prediction of Soil Moisture and Crop Yield from Agro-Ecosystem Models
Reza Hosseini, Simon Fraser University; Gabriela Espino-Hernandez, The University of British Columbia; Nathaniel Kenneth Newlands, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
9:35 AM

A Generalized Bayesian Spatial Prediction Method
Jim Zidek, The University of British Columbia; Yiping Dou, The University of British Columbia; Nhu Le, BC Cancer Agency
10:35 AM

Network-Based Auto-Probit Modeling for Protein Function Prediction
Xiaoyu Jiang, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; David Gold, State University of New York at Buffalo; Eric Kolaczyk, Boston University
10:35 AM

A Unified Probabilistic Scoring Function Incorporating Multiple Sources of Information for Near-Native Discrimination of High-Resolution Protein Models
Yian Ann Chen, Moffitt Cancer Center; Hyun Joo, University of the Pacific; Xiaotao Qu, Moffitt Cancer Center ; Ryan Day, University of the Pacific; Marina Vannucci, Rice University; Jerry Tsai, University of the Pacific
10:50 AM

Multiple Imputation of Disease Status Based on a Two-Phase Sample Design
Steven G. Heeringa, University of Michigan
11:15 AM

Improved Prediction Intervals for Binomial and Poisson Distributions
Jie Peng, St. Ambrose University; Kalimuthu Krishnamoorthy, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
11:35 AM

I-SPY2: Identifying Biomarker Signatures for Therapeutic Agents in Neoadjuvant Breast Cancer
Donald Arthur Berry, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Kyle Wathen, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Nebiyou Bekele, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Laura Esserman, University of California, San Francisco
11:35 AM

Calibrated Bayes Factor for Model Comparison and Prediction
Xinyi Xu, The Ohio State University; Steven MacEachern, The Ohio State University; Pingbo Lu, The Ohio State University; Ruoxi Xu, The Ohio State University
11:35 AM

Challenges in Predicting Risk of Women Diseases Using Genomic Data
Mariza De Andrade, Mayo Clinic
11:55 AM

Spline-Based Models for Prediction in Survey Samples
Hui Zheng, Harvard Medical School
11:55 AM

Prediction Intervals for the Local Spectrum Estimate
Kara Stevens, University of Bristol; Guy Nason, University of Bristol
2:05 PM

Genes Selection and Components Retention for Supervised Survival Prediction Models
Keyue Ding, Queen's University
2:05 PM

Using Gene Gxpression to Predict Dose-Response Data
Philippe Haldermans, I-Biostat; Ziv Shkedy, Universiteit Hasselt
2:05 PM

Transition from Genetic Studies to Personalized Medicine: A Consulting Experience
Fang-Chi Hsu, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
2:25 PM

Wednesday, 08/04/2010
Calculation of Sample Size for Testing the Performance of Disease Risk Prediction Models from Survival Analysis Based on Harrell's C Discrimination Index
Ching-Yu Huang, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan; Hsing-Yi Chang, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan; Wen-ling Liu, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan

Properties of Linear Model Selection
Changjiang Xu, The University of Western Ontario; A. Ian McLeod, The University of Western Ontario

Bayesian Methods in Genomics: Searching for Unity in Diverse Data Sources
Bhramar Mukherjee, University of Michigan; Debashis Ghosh, Pennsylvania State University

Experts vs. Equations: A Case Study in the Prediction of NBA Games
Michele Meisner, The College of New Jersey; Chamont Wang, The College of New Jersey; Danielle Zanghi, The College of New Jersey; James Fitzpatrick, The College of New Jersey

The Unit Interval Characteristic Distributions and Their Applications
Fassil Nebebe, Concordia University

Assessing the Goodness of Fit of Risk Prediction Rules in a Clustered Data Setting
Bernard Rosner, Harvard Medical School; Weiliang Qiu, Harvard Medical School; MeiLing Ting Lee, University of Maryland
8:55 AM

Mapping Batter Ability in Baseball by Using Spatial Statistics Techniques
Dana Draghicescu, Hunter College, CUNY; Benjamin Strong Baumer, CUNY Graduate Center
9:05 AM

PartDSA: The Partitioning Deletion/Substitution/Addition Algorithm for Creating Survival Risk Groups
Karen Lostritto, Yale University; Rob Strawderman, Cornell University; Annette Molinaro, Yale University
9:20 AM

Forecasting Corporate Bankruptcy: International Evidence
Shaonan Tian, University of Cincinnati; Yan Yu, University of Cincinnati
10:35 AM

Empirical Bayes In-Season Prediction of Baseball Batting Averages
Wenhua Jiang, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; Cun-Hui Zhang, Rutgers University
11:20 AM

Online Forecasting and Prediction of Spacio-Temporal Processes with Dynamic Covariance Estimation
Dave Zes, University of California, Los Angeles
11:50 AM

Simulation of a Phase III Trial Using Realizations of Posterior Distribution Based on a Phase IIb Trial
A. Lawrence Gould, Merck Research Laboratories
2:05 PM

Performance Measures for Survival Prediction Models: An Overview
Linda M. Peelen, Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care UMC Utrecht; Nina P. Paynter, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Karel G.M. Moons, Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care UMC Utrecht; Nancy Cook, Brigham and Women's Hospital
2:05 PM

Statistical and Clinical Characteristics of Composite Endpoint in Clinical Studies
Jeng Mah, Regulatory and Clinical Research Institute, Inc.
2:05 PM

Performance of Prediction Measures in a Survival Setting
Nina P. Paynter, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Linda M. Peelen, Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care UMC Utrecht; Nancy Cook, Brigham and Women's Hospital
2:25 PM

Evaluation and Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests
Bipasa Biswas, FDA/CDRH
2:45 PM

Correlated Component Regression: A Prediction/Classification Methodology for Possibly Many Features
Jay Magidson, Statistical Innovations Inc.
2:50 PM

Comparing Non-Nested Survival Prediction Models
Ulla Brasch Mogensen, University of Copenhagen; Thomas A. Gerds, University of Copenhagen
3:05 PM

Human MicroRNA Target Prediction by the Relative R-Squared Method
Wan Ju Hsieh, National Chiao Tung University; Hsiuying Wang, National Chiao Tung University
3:20 PM

Adding a Prediction Interval Futility Analysis to a Group Sequential Trial
John Loewy, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals; David Dorer, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals
3:25 PM

Thursday, 08/05/2010
On the Ability of Breast Cancer-Associated SNPs to Augment Clinical Variables in Predicting Breast Cancer Risk
Ross L. Prentice, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; David A. Hinds, Perlegen Sciences
8:35 AM

Gaussian Process Prediction of Computer Model Outputs with Nonconstant Variance in Systems Biology: A Plug-In Approach
Garrett Dancik, Northwestern State University
8:50 AM

New Tuning Methods for the Architecture of Neural Network Model with Application to Bankruptcy Prediction
Chulwoo Jeong, Sogang University; Myung Suk Kim, Sogang University;
8:50 AM

The Impact of Measurement Error in Auxiliary Variables on Model-Based Estimation of Finite Population Totals: A Simulation Study
Brady West, Institute for Social Research
8:55 AM

Customer Churn Prediction: Does Technique Matter?
Wouter Verbeke, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Karel Dejaeger, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; David Martens, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Bart Baesens, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
9:15 AM

Predicting Neural Spike Train Using Peers' Activities: Likelihood-Based Approach
Ruiwen Zhang, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
9:20 AM

Distance-Based Probability Distributions on Set Partitions for Bayesian Nonparametric Models
David Dahl, Texas A&M University; Ryan Day, University of the Pacific; Jerry Tsai, University of the Pacific
9:25 AM

P-Values or Prediction Errors: What Is the Name of the Game in Genomics?
Rafal Kustra, University of Toronto
9:35 AM

Approximating High-Dimensional Simulations in Low-Dimensional Space, with Application to Microarray Prediction Error Estimation
Kevin Dobbin, The University of Georgia
10:50 AM

Exact Distribution of Prediction Error Rates for Protein and Domain Interactions
Donald E.K. Martin, North Carolina State University; John Aston, University of Warwick
10:50 AM

The Use of Nomogram Predictions as Comparators for Adjuvant Treatment Studies in Prostate Cancer
Zhenyu Jia, University of California, Irvine; James Koziol, The Scripps Research Institute; Michael Lilly, University of California, Irvine; Dan Mercola, University of California, Irvine
11:05 AM

Tumor Class Prediction Using Gene Expression Microarray Data
Xueli Liu, City of Hope; Mark Yang, University of Florida; Jeffrey Longmate, City of Hope
11:05 AM

A Simulation Study to Evaluate Sample Size and Power for a Trial to Develop a Prediction Rule Using Machine Learning Methods
Radha Railkar, Merck & Co., Inc.; Matthew Wiener, Merck & Co., Inc.; Leonidas Carayannopoulos, Merck & Co., Inc.
11:20 AM

Parsimonious Models for Classifying Proteomic MS Data
Chris Fraley, Insilicos LLC; Bryan Prazen, Insilicos LLC; Mark Seligman, Insilicos LLC
11:20 AM

Field-Failure and Warranty Prediction Based on Auxiliary Use-Rate Information
Yili Hong, Virginia Tech; William Q. Meeker, Iowa State University
11:35 AM

Reliability Analysis Based on Warranty Data with Sale and Report Lag
Shuen-Lin Jeng, National Cheng Kung University
11:50 AM

Kernel Estimation of Time Series: An Asymptotic Theory
Weibiao Wu, The University of Chicago; Yinxiao Huang, The University of Chicago; Yibi Huang, The University of Chicago
11:55 AM

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