This is the program for the 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Sunday, 08/01/2010
Nonparametric Regression with Missing Data
Sam Efromovich, UT Southwestern Medical Center
2:05 PM

An Approach to Nonparametric Regression in Moderate Dimensions
Mark Reimers, Virginia Commonwealth University
2:20 PM

A Jump-Detecting Procedure Based on Spline Estimation
Lijian Yang, Michigan State University; Shujie Ma, Michigan State University
2:25 PM

A Numerical Comparison of Some Rate-Efficient Nonparametric Estimates
Boris Levit, Queen's University
2:45 PM

Asymptotically Sufficient Statistics in Nonparametric Regressions with Correlated Errors
Andrew Carter, University of California, Santa Barbara
4:05 PM

On the Statistic Properties of Proposed Non-parametric Estimators for Asymmetric Information and Separability Restriction
Takaaki Aoki, State University of New York at Buffalo
5:20 PM

Adaptive Estimation in High-Dimensional Response Surface Models via Iterative Thresholding Regularization
Samir Touzani, French Institut of Petroleum; Anestis Antoniadis, University Joseph Fourier; Daniel Busby, French Institut of Petroleum
5:20 PM

Monday, 08/02/2010
Building Regression Trees on Data from a Complex Sample
Daniell Toth, Bureau of Labor Statistics; John L. Eltinge, Bureau of Labor Statistics
9:05 AM

Variance Function Estimator in the Multiple Regression Model
Kee-Hoon Kang, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies; Seokoh Jeong, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
2:20 PM

A Semiparametric Approach to Inference with Nonignorable Missing Data Using Surrogate Information
Sixia Chen, Iowa State University; Jae-Kwang Kim, Iowa State University
2:50 PM

Tuesday, 08/03/2010
Generalized Functional Latent Feature Models with Single-Index Interactions
Raymond Carroll, Texas A&M University; Yehua Li, The University of Georgia; Naisyin Wang, University of Michigan
9:00 AM

Wednesday, 08/04/2010
Consistency in Multidivariate Convex Regression
Emilio Francisco Seijo, Columbia University; Bodhisattva Sen, Columbia University
9:15 AM

Discovering Regression Structure with a Bayesian Ensemble
Edward I. George, University of Pennsylvania
10:35 AM

Some Applications of the Nonparametric Regression Model to Air Pollution Data
Javier Olaya, Universidad del Valle
2:05 PM

Nonparametric Regression in Some Nonstandard Sampling Situations
Alan H. Dorfman, Bureau of Labor Statistics
2:30 PM

Thursday, 08/05/2010
A Semiparametric Estimation of Mean Function with Nonignorable Missing Data
Cindy Long Yu, Iowa State University
10:35 AM

Nonparametric Approaches to ROC Regression
Sean Devlin, University of Washington; Scott Emerson, University of Washington
11:05 AM

High-Dimensional Heteroscedastic Regression with Applications in eQTL Data Analysis
Zhongyin John Daye, University of Pennsylvania; Hongzhe Li, University of Pennsylvania
11:35 AM

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