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Sunday, 08/01/2010
An Approach to Nonparametric Regression in Moderate Dimensions
Mark Reimers, Virginia Commonwealth University
2:20 PM

rth-Rank Ordered Statistic for Microarray Meta-Analysis
Chi Song, University of Pittsburgh; George Tseng, University of Pittsburgh
4:05 PM

Informed Bayesian Biclustering of Microarray Data
Lisa Pham, Boston University; Mayetri Gupta, Boston University; Surajit Ray, Boston University; Eric Kolaczyk, Boston University
4:20 PM

Overcoming Adverse Effects of Correlations in Microarray Data Analysis
Linlin Chen, Rochester Institute of Technology; Alexander Gordon, University of North Carolina Charlotte; Galina Glazko, University of Rochester
4:35 PM

An Improved Variance-Smoothing Method for Testing Differential Expression in Small-Sample-Size Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Microarrays
Parul Gulati, The Ohio State University; David Jarjoura, The Ohio State University; Soledad Fernandez, The Ohio State University; Lianbo Yu, The Ohio State University; Michael Pennell, The Ohio State University
4:50 PM

Monday, 08/02/2010
Incorporating Chromosomal Spatial Correlation Through 3D Structures Into Microarray Data Analysis
Xinlei Wang, Southern Methodist University; Guanghua Xiao, UT Southwestern Medical Center; Arkady Khodursky, University of Minnesota

Statistical Considerations on Validating Microarray Platform in Clinical Development
Guang (Gary) Chen, Merck & Co., Inc.; Christopher Ramsborg, Merck & Co., Inc.; Yue Wang, Merck & Co., Inc.; Miho Kibukawa, Merck & Co., Inc.; Joel A. Klappenbach, Merck & Co., Inc.

Massively Parallel Linear Modeling of Gene Expression Data
Walter Liggett, National Institute of Standards and Technology
8:50 AM

More Efficient Experimental Designs for CNV Studies Utilizing aCGH Technology
Jeanette Eckel-Passow, Mayo Clinic; Shannon McDonnell, Mayo Clinic; Shaun Riska, Mayo Clinic; Erik Thorland, Mayo Clinic; Eric Klee, Mayo Clinic
9:05 AM

Blockwise Sparse Cox Regression
Insuk Sohn, Samsung Medical Center; Jinseog Kim, Dongguk University; Sin-Ho Jung, Duke University; Changyi Park, University of Seoul
10:50 AM

Bias Correction and Bayesian Analysis of Digital Gene Expression Libraries
Russell L. Zaretzki, University of Tennessee; Michael A. Gilchrest, University of Tennessee
11:15 AM

An Orthogonal Transformed Aggregation Statistic to Test Gene Regulation with Prespecified Gene Sets or Pathways
Shuyan (Sabrina) Wan, Merck Research Laboratories; Nanshi Sha, Columbia University; Peggy Wong, Merck Research Laboratories
2:50 PM

Tuesday, 08/03/2010
Detecting Differentially Expressed Genes in Microarray Data by Split-and-Recombine
Dongseok Choi, Oregon Health & Science University; Zhixin Kang, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke; George Tiao, The University of Chicago

Balancing Factor Analysis for Identifying Differentially Expressed Genes in Microarrays
Byung S. Park, Oregon Health & Science University; Shannon McWeeney, Oregon Health & Science University; Daniel Bottomly, Oregon Health & Science University; Priscila Darakjian, Oregon Health & Science University; Ovidiu Iancu, Oregon Health & Science University; John Belknap, Oregon Health & Science University; Robert Hitzemann, Oregon Health & Science University; Motomi Mori, Oregon Health & Science University

Quality Control for Whole-Genome DASL Assay
Jisuk Jo, Samsung Medical Center; Insuk Sohn, Samsung Medical Center; Sin-Ho Jung, Duke University; Soonmyung Paik, Samsung Medical Center

Stable Gene Expression Index in Integrative Analysis
Anna Elizabeth Campain, University of Sydney; Jean Yang, University of Sydney; Francine Marques, University of Sydney; Brian Morris, University of Sydney

Identification of the Subgroup Signatures by CID
Li-yu Daisy Liu, National Taiwan University; Ya-Chun Hsiao, National Taiwan University; Tzu-Hao Ma, National Taiwan University

Multiple Imputation for Microarray Missing Data with Slice Sampler
Hui Xie, Pennington Biomedical Research Center; Leann Myers, Tulane University; Steven Smith, Pennington Biomedical Research Center; Janet Rice, Tulane University; Michelle Lacey, Tulane University

Analyzing Gene Expression Data Using a Self-Contained Gene Set Enrichment Analysis Method
Jiawei Liu, Georgia State University

Donghui Yan, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Pei Wang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Tim Randolph, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

A Bias-Corrected Method for Estimating the Proportion of True Null Hypotheses
Dexiang Gao, The Children's Hospital - Denver; Tiejun Tong, University of Colorado, Boulder

Modeling Spatial Structure Using High-Throughput Data
Ke Wang, Southern Methodist University ; Xinlei Wang, Southern Methodist University; Guanghua Xiao, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Detection Call Algorithms for High-Throughput Gene Expression Microarray Data
Sarah Reese, Virginia Commonwealth University; Kellie Archer, Virginia Commonwealth University

Performance of Different Filtering Methods When Testing for Differential Expression in Microarray Data
Soledad Fernandez, The Ohio State University; Parul Gulati, The Ohio State University; David Jarjoura, The Ohio State University; Lianbo Yu, The Ohio State University; Michael Pennell, The Ohio State University

Incorporating Nonlinear Relationships in Microarray Missing Value Imputation
Hesen Peng, Emory University; Tianwei Yu , Emory University; Wei Sun, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
9:05 AM

Model-Based Semisupervised Clustering
Volodymyr Melnykov, North Dakota State University; Wei-Chen Chen, Iowa State University; Ranjan Maitra, Iowa State University
9:15 AM

Classification of Cancer Microarrays by v-Ridge Regression
June Luo, Clemson University
10:35 AM

Using Gene Gxpression to Predict Dose-Response Data
Philippe Haldermans, I-Biostat; Ziv Shkedy, Universiteit Hasselt
2:05 PM

Detection of Differentially Expressed Groups of Genes Using a Multivariate Test Statistic in a Partially Paired Microarray Data Set
Byung Soo Kim, Yonsei University; Johan Lim, Seoul National University; Jayeon Kim, Yonsei University; Sang-Cheol Kim, Yonsei University; Donghyeon Yu, Seoul National University; Kyunga Kim, Seoul National University
2:30 PM

Using False Discovery Rates to Determine Cutoffs for Cluster Membership
Johanna Hardin, Pomona College
2:35 PM

Linear Mixed Model Selection for False Discovery Rate Control in Microarray Data Analysis
Cumhur Yusuf Demirkale, University of Florida; Dan Nettleton, Iowa State University; Tapabrata Maiti, Michigan State University
2:55 PM

Wednesday, 08/04/2010
Genomics in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Where Is It Headed?
Dhammika Amaratunga, Johnson & Johnson; James Colaianne, Johnson & Johnson

Risk Stratification Using Survival and Microarray Gene Expression Data
Pingping Qu, Cancer Research and Biostatistics (CRAB); John D. Shaughnessy Jr., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Michael LeBlanc, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Jeff Haessler, Cancer Research and Biostatistics (CRAB); Bart Barlogie, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; John Crowley, Cancer Research and Biostatistics (CRAB)

Assessing the Impact of Tumor Heterogeneity on Powering Microarray Signature Discovery
Timothy Scott Davison, Almac Diagnostics; Sian Dibben, Almac Diagnostics; Janet Taylor, Almac Diagnostics; Robert J. Holt, Almac Diagnostics; Paul J. Kelly, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust; Ian Paul, Queen's University Belfast; Peter Kerr, Almac Diagnostics; Dean A. Fennell, Queen's University Belfast; Jacqueline A. James, Queen's University Belfast; Richard D. Kennedy, Almac Diagnostics

Exon-Based Microarrays and Their Applications in Personalized Health Care
Wei-min Liu, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.; Yu Chuan Tai, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.; Yan Li, Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.
8:35 AM

Sparse Semisupervised Methods for Predicting Patient Survival Probabilities with Large-Scale Biological Data
Karthik Devarajan, Fox Chase Cancer Center
8:50 AM

Summarizing Permutation Data
Susan Holmes, Stanford University
9:35 AM

Outcome-Informed Clustering of Gene Expression Profiles
Jessie Jann Hsu, Harvard University; David Schoenfeld, Harvard University; Dianne Finkelstein, Harvard University
10:35 AM

Robust Dynamic Variable Selection for SNP Genotype Classification
Mohua Podder, The University of British Columbia; William J. Welch, The University of British Columbia; Ruben H. Zamar, The University of British Columbia; Scott J. Tebbutt, Hogg iCAPTURE Centre for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research
10:50 AM

Statistical Aspect of Design and Normalization of Customized Affymetrix Arrays
Shibing Deng, Pfizer Inc.
11:35 AM

Empirical Bayes Confidence Intervals for Selected Parameters for a Large Number of Normal Populations with Unequal but Estimable Means and Variances
Zhigen Zhao, Temple University; Gene (J.T.) Hwang, Cornell University
11:35 AM

Bayesian Variable Selection in Cox Proportional Hazard Models for Survival Data
Kyu Ha Lee, University of Missouri-Columbia; Sounak Chakraborty, University of Missouri-Columbia; Jianguo Sun, University of Missouri
2:50 PM

Assessment of normalization methods in microRNA profiling data and evaluation criteria on choosing the "right" methods
Hui Tang, Mayo Clinic; Jin Jen, Mayo Clinic; Riska Shaun, Mayo Clinic; Ping Yang, Mayo Clinic
3:05 PM

Human MicroRNA Target Prediction by the Relative R-Squared Method
Wan Ju Hsieh, National Chiao Tung University; Hsiuying Wang, National Chiao Tung University
3:20 PM

Thursday, 08/05/2010
A Random Coefficients Model for Regional Coexpression Associated with DNA Copy Number Aberrations
Wessel Van Wieringen, VU University Medical Center
8:35 AM

Inference with Transposable Data: Modeling the Effects of Row and Column Correlations
Genevera I. Allen, Stanford University; Rob Tibshirani, Stanford University
9:15 AM

Regression and Classification with Gene Networks
Wei Pan, University of Minnesota; Xiaotong Shen, University of Minnesota
9:15 AM

Distributions for p-Values
Chang Yu, Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Daniel Zelterman, Yale University
9:35 AM

A Moderated Lawley-Hotelling--Type Trace Test for High-Dimensional Longitudinal Data: Its Application in Detecting Temporal Patterns in Time Course Microarray Data
Jemila Seid Hamid, Dalla Lana School of Public Health; Joseph Beyene, Macmaster University; Dietrich von Rosen, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
9:50 AM

Approximating High-Dimensional Simulations in Low-Dimensional Space, with Application to Microarray Prediction Error Estimation
Kevin Dobbin, The University of Georgia
10:50 AM

Tumor Class Prediction Using Gene Expression Microarray Data
Xueli Liu, City of Hope; Mark Yang, University of Florida; Jeffrey Longmate, City of Hope
11:05 AM

Multiple Imputation for Missing Values in Microarray Data
Richard Kennedy, The University of Alabama at Birmingham; Hemant K. Tiwari, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
11:35 AM

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