This is the program for the 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Sunday, 08/01/2010
Nonlinear Regression and Bayesian Robustness via Disparities
Giles Hooker, Cornell University
2:05 PM

Bayesian Approach to Zero-Inflated Ordered Probit Models
Getachew Dagne, University of South Florida
2:20 PM

Estimation of a Discrete Monotone Distribution
Hanna Jankowski, York University
2:20 PM

Inference for Day-to-Day Dynamic Traffic Models
Martin Luke Hazelton, Massey University; Katharina Parry, Massey University
2:20 PM

Analyzing Multilevel Spatially Correlated Data Using Composite Quadratic Inference Functions
Yun Bai, University of Michigan ; Peter Song, University of Michigan
2:20 PM

A Perturbation Method for Inference on Adaptive LASSO Regression Estimates
Jessica Minnier, Harvard University; Tianxi Cai, Harvard School of Public Health
2:35 PM

Inference for Change-Point Parameters Under Varying Degrees of Model Misspecification
Moulinath Banerjee, University of Michigan; Michael Kosorok, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Rui Song, Colorado State University
3:05 PM

Saddlepoint-Based Bootstrap Inference for Multivariate Quadratic Estimating Equations
Robert Paige, Missouri University of Science and Technology; A. Alexandre Trindade, Texas Tech University
3:05 PM

A Single Test Derived from Modeling Biological Heterogeneity of Multiple Serum Biomarkers via Mixture Models Using Bayesian Inference
Eric A. Macklin, MGH Biostatistics Center; Ying Zhou, MGH Biostatistics Center; Trenton C. Pulsipher, MGH Biostatistics Center; Steven James Skates, Massachusetts General Hospital
3:05 PM

Joint Quantile Regression: A Bayesian Approach
Surya Tokdar, Duke University
3:05 PM

Comparison of the Effectiveness of Three Novel Statistical Methods for Biomarker Selection with Application to an HIV Infection Data Set
Bosny J. Pierre-Louis, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
4:05 PM

Inference on Treatment Effect Under a Density Ratio Model and Random Censoring
Shan Jiang, Queen's University; Dongsheng Tu, Queen's University
4:20 PM

Efforts to Adjust for Confounding by Neighborhood Using Complex Survey Data
Babette Brumback, University of Florida; Amy Dailey, University of Florida; Zhulin He, University of Florida; Lyndia C. Brumback, University of Washington; Melvin Livingston, University of Florida
4:35 PM

Exploring Center Effects in Randomized Studies with Censored Endpoints
Richard McNally, Celgene Corporation; Sarah H. Kogut, Celgene Corporation
4:35 PM

Statistical Inference for Tumor Growth Delay Data
Jianrong Wu, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
4:45 PM

Flexible Bent-Cable Models for Mixture Longitudinal Data
Shahedul Ahsan Khan, University of Waterloo; Grace Chiu, CSIRO; Joel A. Dubin, University of Waterloo
4:45 PM

Design of an Observational Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of IAP During Labor Against Early Onset Disease in Newborns
Donald B. Rubin, Harvard University; Stephanie J. Schrag, CDC; Elizabeth R. Zell, CDC
4:50 PM

Multiplicative Semiparametric Regression Model for Relative Risk with Application to Air Pollution Exposure
Catherine Tuglus, University of California, Berkeley; Kristin E. Porter, University of California, Berkeley; Mark J. Van der Laan, University of California, Berkeley
5:20 PM

Monday, 08/02/2010
Comparison of Quadratic Inference Functions and Generalized Estimating Equations: Longitudinal Case Study of Act 1220 of 2003 Health Policy in Arkansas
Zoran Bursac, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; D. Keith Williams, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Clinton Heath Gauss, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Page Moore, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Melanie E. Goodell, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Rebecca A. Krukowski, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ; Delia Smith West, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ; Martha M. Phillips, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences ; James M. Raczynski, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Efficient Classification for Longitudinal Data
Xianlong Wang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Peiyong (Annie) Qu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Robust Inference in Some Multiple Multifactor Dynamical Systems
Sévérien Nkurunziza, University of Windsor

Bayesian Mixed Hidden Markov Models (BMHMM): A Multilevel Approach to Modeling Childhood Asthma
Yue Zhang, University of Southern California; Kiros Berhane, University of Southern California

Variable Selection for Propensity Score Models in Multilevel Data
Bing Yu, University of Toronto; Guanglei Hong, The University of Chicago

Recent Development in Exact Inference for Categorical Data
Dar Shong Hwang, B.R.S.I.; James Lee, Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Development

Bayesian, Frequentist, or Both? Model-Robust Regression and the 'Sandwich' Estimator
Adam A. Szpiro, University of Washington; Kenneth Rice, University of Washington; Thomas Lumley, University of Washington

Using Imperfect Fidelity Measures to Improve Statistical Inferences About Educational Interventions
Xin Sun, Southern Methodist University

An Active Approach to Statistical Inference Using Randomiztion Methods
Todd Swanson, Hope College; Nathan Tintle, Hope College; Jill VanderStoep, Hope College; Vicki-Lynn Holmes, Hope College; Brooke Quisenberry, Hope College

Modeling and Inference for Interaction Processes for Unions of Discs
Jesper Møller, Aalborg University
8:35 AM

Causal Inference Using Semi-parametric Imputation
Andrea Piesse, Westat; David Judkins, Westat; Laura Alvarez-Rojas, Westat; William R. Shadish, University of California, Merced
8:35 AM

Inference for Clustered Data with Potentially Informative Cluster Size: An Overview
Somnath Datta, University of Louisville; Jaakko Nevalainen, University of Turku; Hannu Oja, University of Tampere
8:35 AM

Inference for Kappas for Longitudinal Study Data: Applications to Sexual Health Research
Yan Ma, Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Medical College of Cornell University; Wan Tang, University of Rochester; Changyong Feng, University of Rochester Medical Center; Xin M. Tu, University of Rochester
8:50 AM

A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Environmental Correlated Count Processes with Application to Fisheries Habitat Management
Ali Arab, Georgetown University; Scott Holan, University of Missouri; Christopher Wikle, University of Missouri; Mark Wildhaber, U.S. Geological Survey
8:50 AM

Multiple Imputation for causal Inference
Irina Bondarenko, University of Michigan; Trivellore Raghunathan, University of Michigan
8:50 AM

Modeling Batched Gaussian Longitudinal Data Subject to Informative Dropout
Paul S. Albert, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development; Joanna H. Shih, National Cancer Institute
8:55 AM

Approximate Bayesian Inference of Bacterial Population Trees with Next-Generation Sequencing Data
Alexander V. Alekseyenko, New York University; Marc Suchard, University of California, Los Angeles
8:55 AM

Robust Covariate Control in Cluster-Randomized Trials with MPLUS and WinBUGS
Jiaquan Fan, Westat
9:05 AM

Exact Inferences of the Youden Index
Chin-Ying Lai, State University of New York at Buffalo; Enrique F. Schisterman, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development; Lili Tian, State University of New York at Buffalo
9:05 AM

The Undetectable Difference: An Experimental Look at the 'Problem' of p-Values
William M. Goodman, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
9:15 AM

Making Phylogenetic Inference Robust to Presence of Convergent Evolution
Vladimir Minin, University of Washington
9:15 AM

Conditional Power and Predictive Power Approaches to Interim Monitoring in Equivalence Trials
Xiaojiang Zhan, Merck & Co., Inc.
9:20 AM

Analysis of Constrained Generalized Linear Models with Missing Data
Karelyn Davis, Carleton University/Health Canada; Sanjoy Sinha, Carleton University; Chul Gyu Park, Carleton University
9:35 AM

Multiple Imputation for Missing Values Through Conditional Semiparametric Odds Ratio Models
Hua Yun Chen, University of Illinois at Chicago; Hui Xie, University of Illinois at Chicago
9:35 AM

Efficient Estimation and Model Selection for the Marginal Generalized Additive Model for Correlated Data
Lan Xue, Oregon State University; Peiyong (Annie) Qu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Jianhui Zhou, University of Virginia
9:55 AM

Bayesian Generalized Method of Moments
Guosheng Yin, The University of Hong Kong
10:35 AM

Generalized Fiducial Inference for Mixed Linear Models
Jessi Cisewski, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Jan Hannig, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
10:35 AM

Do Comparison Group Methods Replicate Experimental Impact Estimates in an Education Setting? A Charter School Evaluation Example
Kenneth Fortson, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.; Natalya Verbitsky-Savitz, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.; Philip Gleason, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.; Emma Ernst, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
10:35 AM

Probabilistic Index Models: Semiparametric Regression Models for P(Y < Y*)
Jan De Neve, Ghent University; Olivier Thas, Ghent University; Lieven Clement, Ghent University; Jean-Pierre Ottoy, Ghent University
10:35 AM

Second-Order Inference for Nonstationary Time Series
Han Xiao, The University of Chicago; Weibiao Wu, The University of Chicago
10:35 AM

Statistical Inference for the Probabilistic Spectral Density
Junbum Lee, Texas A&M University
10:50 AM

Inference for Variable-Stress Experiments
Nandini Kannan, The University of Texas at San Antonio
10:55 AM

Joint Inference of Sparse Network and Genetic Association in Genetical Genomics Studies
Hongzhe Li, University of Pennsylvania
11:00 AM

Adaptive Gaussian Predictive Process Model for Large Spatial Data Sets
Rajarshi Guhaniyogi, University of Minnesota; Andrew Finley, Michigan State University; Sudipto Banerjee, University of Minnesota; Alan E. Gelfand, Duke University
11:05 AM

Semiparametric Regression Inference for Tumor Progression in Cancer Studies
Chen Hu, University of Michigan; Alexander Tsodikov, University of Michigan
11:20 AM

Reliability Models for Single Repairable Systems and Some Nonstandard Inference
Ananda Sen, University of Michigan
11:35 AM

Generalizing Evidence from Randomized Clinical Trials to Target Populations: The ACTG-320 Trial
Elizabeth Stuart, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Stephen R. Cole, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2:05 PM

Confidence Intervals for Median Cost Estimation with Censored Data
Hongwei Zhao, Texas A&M Health Science Center; Chen Zuo, Renmin University of China; Heejung Bang, Weill Cornell Medical College
2:25 PM

Bayesian Inference for Stereotype Regression
Bhramar Mukherjee, University of Michigan
2:25 PM

Prediction of Individual Long-Term Outcomes from a Multivariate Cure-Mixture Frailty Model
Yimei Li, University of Pennsylvania; Daniel F. Heitjan, University of Pennsylvania; E. Paul Wileyto, University of Pennsylvania
2:30 PM

Dynamic Stock Selection Strategies: A Structured Factor Model Framework
Hedibert Freitas Lopes, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Carlos Marinho Carvalho, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Omar Aguilar, Financial Engines
2:30 PM

The Use of Reconfigurable Logic for Statistical Inference in Biology
Wing Hung Wong, Stanford University
2:35 PM

A Semiparametric Approach to Inference with Nonignorable Missing Data Using Surrogate Information
Sixia Chen, Iowa State University; Jae-Kwang Kim, Iowa State University
2:50 PM

Direct Inference Requiring Only a Touch of Bayes
Ralph G. O'Brien, Case Western Reserve University
2:50 PM

Causal Inference for the Comparison of Dynamic Treatment Regimens
Cecilia Cotton, University of Waterloo; Patrick Heagerty, University of Washington
2:55 PM

Finiteness Matters in Inference for New Keynesian Phillips Curve
Hrishikesh (Rick) D. Vinod, Fordham University
3:20 PM

Tuesday, 08/03/2010
Bayesian Methods for Copy Number Inference in Heterogeneous Cancers Using SNP Arrays
Christopher Yau, University of Oxford; Christopher C. Holmes, University of Oxford

Improving Small-Sample Inference in Group-Randomized Trials with Binary Outcomes
Philip Westgate, University of Michigan; Thomas Braun, University of Michigan

Decisionmaking in Public Policy: Problems from DOT, FDA, and NASA
David Banks, Duke University

The Accuracy of Clinical Trial Inferences: The Saw Palmetto Experience
Jeannette Y. Lee, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Page Moore, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Shelly Lensing, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Bounds on Controlled Direct Effects Under Monotonic Assumptions About Mediators and Confounders
Yasutaka Chiba, Kinki University School of Medicine

High-Dimensional Inference and Applications to Climate Projections
Ian Wong, Stanford University; Bala Rajaratnam, Stanford University; Claudia Tebaldi, The University of British Columbia

Model Selection for Causal Parameters in Structural Mean Models Based on a Quasi-Likelihood
Masataka Taguri, The University of Tokyo; Yutaka Matsuyama, The University of Tokyo; Yasuo Ohashi, The University of Tokyo

Causal Inference in Observational Studies with Missing Data: A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach
Jennifer Hill, New York University; Jose Zubizarreta, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Bayesian Nonparametric Inference of Effective Population Trajectories with Gaussian Processes
Julia Adela Palacios, University of Washington; Vladimir Minin, University of Washington

Inference on Discretely Observed Linear Birth-Death-Immigration Processes
Charles R. Doss, University of Washington; Vladimir Minin, University of Washington; Ian Holmes, University of California, Berkeley; Marc Suchard, University of California, Los Angeles

Simultaneous Multiple Comparisons with a Control Using Medians and Permutation Tests
Scott Richter, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Melinda McCann, Oklahoma State University

Disparity-Aided Robust and Efficient Inference for Adaptive Designs with Covariates
Anand Vidyashankar, George Mason University
8:35 AM

Assessing Concurrent Effects of Substance Abuse Treatment Modalities Using Marginal Structural Models
Beth Ann Griffin, RAND Corporation; Rajeev Ramchand, RAND Corporation; Cha-Chi Fan, RAND Corporation; Daniel Almirall, University of Michigan; Daniel F. McCaffrey, RAND Corporation
8:35 AM

A Bayesian Semiparametric Approach to Causal Inference with Intermediate Variables
Fan Li, Duke University; Scott Schwartz, Duke University; Fabrizia Mealli, University of Florence
8:35 AM

A Doubly Robust Estimator of the Attributable Benefit of a Dynamic Treatment Regime
Jason Brinkley, East Carolina University; Anastasios Tsiatis, North Carolina State University
8:50 AM

Understanding Time-Varying Moderation Effects When Evaluating Substance Abuse Treatment Modalities Using Structural Nested Mean Models
Daniel Almirall, University of Michigan; Dan Nettleton, Iowa State University; Cha-Chi Fan, RAND Corporation; Beth Ann Griffin, RAND Corporation; Daniel F. McCaffrey, RAND Corporation
8:55 AM

Doubly robust inference with missing data in survey sampling
Jae-Kwang Kim, Iowa State University; David Haziza, Université de Montréal
9:00 AM

A Bayesian Approach to Fitting Mixed Models Using Shape-Restricted Regression Splines
Amber Hackstadt, Colorado State University; Mary Meyer, Colorado State University; Jennifer A. Hoeting, Colorado State University
9:05 AM

Statistical Modeling and Inference with Uncertainty in Part of Historical Data
Jerry Shan, Hewlett-Packard
9:05 AM

Robust Inference in Predictive Regressions
Paulo M.M. Rodrigues, Banco de Portugal; Antonio Rubia, University of Alicante
9:50 AM

Inference of Biological Pathway from Gene Expression Profiles by Time Delay Boolean Networks
Tung-Hung Chueh, National Chiao Tung University; Henry Horng-Shing Lu, National Chiao Tung University
9:55 AM

Inference for Changes in the Kappa Statistic in Multi-level Clustered Binary Data
Rebecca Roberts Andridge, The Ohio State University
10:35 AM

Bayesian Inference in Partially Identified Models
Paul Gustafson, The University of British Columbia
10:35 AM

Inference Methods in Functional Mixed Effects Models
David Degras, The University of Chicago
10:35 AM

A New Method for Combining Experimental and Observational Data to Estimate Population Treatment Effects
Richard Grieve, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Erin Hartman, University of California, Berkeley; Jasjeet Sekhon, University of California, Berkeley
11:05 AM

Nonidentifiability in the Context of Missing Confounders
Lawrence McCandless, Simon Fraser University
11:15 AM

Evaluating the Effect of Early vs. Late ARV Regimen Change After Failing on an Initial Regimen: Results from the AIDS Clinical Trials Group Study A5095
Li Li, Emory University; Brent Johnson, Emory University; Joseph Eron, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Heather Ribaudo, Harvard University; Roy Gulick, Cornell University
11:20 AM

Inference About Clustering and Parametric Assumptions in Variance Covariance Estimation
Mikko Packalen, University of Waterloo; Tony Wirjanto, University of Waterloo
11:20 AM

Exact Sequential and Multistage Inference with Binary Response
Iliana Ignatova, Cal Poly; Don Edwards, University of South Carolina; Roland C. Deutsch, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
11:35 AM

A Bayesian Method for Estimating Disease Prevalence in the Presence of a Hidden Subpopulation
Chaoxiong Xia, The University of British Columbia; Paul Gustafson, The University of British Columbia
11:35 AM

Nonparametric Spatial Models for Extreme Temperature Data
Montserrat Fuentes, North Carolina State University; John Henry, North Carolina State University; Brian Reich, North Carolina State University
11:50 AM

Stability and Inference Model Selection
Leonard A. Stefanski, North Carolina State University
2:05 PM

Near/Far Matching: Building a Stronger Instrument
Mike Baiocchi, University of Pennsylvania; Dylan Small, University of Pennsylvania; Scott Lorch, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; Paul Rosenbaum, University of Pennsylvania
2:05 PM

A Dynamic Approach for the Piecewise Exponential Model with Random Time Grid
Dipak K. Dey, University of Connecticut
2:05 PM

Ratio of Mediator Probability Weighting for Estimating Natural Direct and Indirect Effects
Guanglei Hong, The University of Chicago
2:25 PM

Making Inference for Inequality-Constrained Regression Problems
Jinde Wang, Nanjing University
2:35 PM

Fusion Analysis of Various Invariants in Edge-Attributed Networks
Andrey Rukhin, Naval Surface Warfare Center
2:35 PM

Semiparametric Hybrid Empirical Likelihood Inference for Two-Sample Comparison with Censored Data
Haiyan Su, Montclair State University; Hua Liang, University of Rochester; Mai Zhou, University of Kentucky
2:35 PM

Selection of Propensity Functions for Causal Inference
Wei (Peter) Yang, University of Pennsylvania; Marshall M. Joffe, University of Pennsylvania; Sean Hennessy, University of Pennsylvania
2:45 PM

Principal Stratification Methods for Evaluating Immunological Surrogate Endpoints in a Vaccine Efficacy Trial
Peter Gilbert, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
2:45 PM

Causal Effect Estimation Allowing Covariate Measurement Error Using Propensity Score
Yi Huang, University of Maryland Baltimore County; Karen Bandeen-Roche, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
3:05 PM

Inference for Treatment Efficacy on Survival Probability in Randomized Clinical Trials with Noncompliance
Ying Zhou, University of California, Los Angeles
3:05 PM

Generalized Point Estimation with Application to Small Response Estimation
Sam Weerahandi, Pfizer Inc.
3:20 PM

Wednesday, 08/04/2010
Novel Methodologies for Gene Network Interaction Analysis
Sang-Yun Oh, Stanford University; Bala Rajaratnam, Stanford University

Multilevel Modeling of Follow-Up Studies with Missing Data
Monica Michelle Bennett, Baylor University; John Seaman, Baylor University; James Stamey, Baylor University

Demonstrating Superiority of Test Drug to Putative Placebo in the Two-Arm Noninferiority Trial
Abdul J. Sankoh, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

On Estimation of Large Covariance Matrices
Tony Cai, University of Pennsylvania
8:35 AM

Threshold-Free Cluster Enhancement (TFCE): Improving Power and Stability of Cluster Size Inference in Brain Imaging
Thomas E. Nichols, University of Warwick
8:35 AM

Estimating Direct Effects on a Dichotomous Outcome Using Logistic Structural Direct Effect Models
Stijn Vansteelandt, Ghent University
8:35 AM

Semiparametric Estimator for Differences in Restricted Mean Lifetimes in Observational Studies
Min Zhang, University of Michigan; Douglas E. Schaubel, University of Michigan
8:55 AM

Maximum Likelihood--Based Inference of Metadata via EM Algorithm
Ming-Hui Chen, University of Connecticut; Joseph G. Ibrahim, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Arvind K. Shah, Merck Research Laboratories; Jianxin Lin, Merck Research Laboratories
8:55 AM

Sure Screening and Refitted Crossvalidation for Ultra High-Dimensional Statistical Inferences
Jianqing Fan, Princeton University; Shaojun Guo, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Ning Hao, Princeton University
9:05 AM

Matching Methods for Estimating the Effect on Survival of a Time-Dependent Treatment
Douglas E. Schaubel, University of Michigan; Yun Li, University of Michigan
9:15 AM

Optimal G-Estimation Mediation Analyses Under Departure from Sequential Ignorability
Rongmei Zhang, University of Pennsylvania; Marshall M. Joffe, University of Pennsylvania; Thomas R. Ten Have, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
9:15 AM

Distribution-Free Inference for Arbitrary Functionals of Survival
Kyle D. Rudser, University of Minnesota; Michael LeBlanc, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Scott Emerson, University of Washington
9:35 AM

Adjusting for Treatment Disparities in Observational Research
Marshall M. Joffe, University of Pennsylvania
10:35 AM

Outcome-Informed Clustering of Gene Expression Profiles
Jessie Jann Hsu, Harvard University; David Schoenfeld, Harvard University; Dianne Finkelstein, Harvard University
10:35 AM

Statistical Inference in Factor Analysis for High-Dimension, Low-Sample-Size Data
Miguel Marino, Harvard University/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Yi Li, Harvard University/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
10:50 AM

Collider Stratification Bias as a Threat to Validity in U.S.-Based Health Disparities Research
Whitney R. Robinson, University of Michigan; Jay Kaufman, McGill University
10:55 AM

The Impact of Partial Information on Network Inference and Characterization
Natallia V. Katenka, Boston University; Eric Kolaczyk, Boston University
11:05 AM

Simultaneous Bayesian Inference for Skew-Normal Mixed-Effects Joint Models for Longitudinal Data
Yangxin Huang, University of South Florida
11:20 AM

Drawing Statistical Inferences from International Census Data
Lara L. Cleveland, University of Minnesota; Michael Davern, NORC; Steven Ruggles, University of Minnesota/MN Population Center
11:20 AM

Statistical Inference Following an Adaptive Design for Case-Driven Efficacy Study
Xiaoming Li, Merck Research Laboratories; Ivan S.F. Chan, Merck Research Laboratories; Keaven M. Anderson, Merck Research Laboratories
11:20 AM

Modeling the Relationship Between the Components of Executive Compensation: A Copula Approach
Padma Rao Sahib , University of Groningen ; Ruud Koning, University of Groningen ; Harmen De Weerd, University of Groningen
11:50 AM

Nonparametric and Semiparametric M-Quantile Inference for Longitudinal Data
Nikos Tzavidis, CSSR; Nicola Salvati, DSMAE; Hukum Chandra, IASRI; Raymond Chambers, CSSM
2:05 PM

Finite Mixtures of Individual-Level Models for Infectious Diseases
Rob Deardon, University of Guelph; Lorna Deeth, University of Guelph
2:05 PM

CAUSE-Sponsored Research Clusters
Sterling C. Hilton, Brigham Young University
2:05 PM

Linear Approximations of Individual-Level Models for Infectious Disease
Grace Pui Sze Kwong, University of Guelph; Rob Deardon, University of Guelph
2:20 PM

Semiparametric Inference for Transformation Models via Empirical Likelihood
Yichuan Zhao, Georgia State University
2:25 PM

Studying Student Learning Trajectories for Sampling Distributions by Using Simulation Activities
Aaron Weinberg, Ithaca College; Stacey Hancock, Reed College; Jennifer Noll, Portland State University; Sean Simpson, Westchester Community College
2:45 PM

A Model-Based Approach for Making Ecological Inference from Distance Sampling Data
Devin Johnson, NOAA; Jeff Laake, NOAA; Jay Ver Hoef, NOAA
3:05 PM

Inference for Interval-Censored Data from Multistate Models
Yang Yang, University of Michigan; Vijay Nair, University of Michigan
3:05 PM

Does Retail Advertising Work? Measuring the Effects of Advertising on Sales via a Controlled Experiment on Yahoo!
David Reiley, Yahoo! Research; Randall Lewis, Yahoo! Research
3:20 PM

Thursday, 08/05/2010
Gibbs-Type Priors for Bayesian Nonparametric Inference on Species Variety
Stefano Favaro, University of Turin ; Antonio Lijoi, University of Pavia; Ramses Mena, IIMAS-UNAM; Igor Pruenster, University of Turin
8:35 AM

Comparison of Hauer's EB method, Causal Inference Methods, and a Full Bayesian Method for Estimating Countermeasure Effectiveness in Transportation Safety Studies
Courtney Bokenkroger, Midwest Research Institute
8:35 AM

Coherent Analysis of Longitudinal Changes in Biomarkers in the Presence of Attrition Due to Competing Risks
Tom Greene, The University of Utah
8:35 AM

Statistical Inference for Food Webs
Grace Chiu, CSIRO; Joshua Gould, Dalhousie University; Anton H. Westveld, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
9:05 AM

More Accurate Inference with Small Bandwidths
Whitney Newey, MIT
9:05 AM

Inference with Transposable Data: Modeling the Effects of Row and Column Correlations
Genevera I. Allen, Stanford University; Rob Tibshirani, Stanford University
9:15 AM

Estimation of Average Treatment Effect in Causal Inference Using Exponential Tilting Models
Ming Zhou, Iowa State University; Jae-Kwang Kim, Iowa State University
9:35 AM

An Introduction to Presampling Inference II
Stephen Woodruff, Specified Designs
9:50 AM

Application of the Pattern Mixture Model to Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) Scores in a Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) Trial for Brain Tumors
Kyounghwa Bae, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group; Seunghee Baek, University of Pennsylvania; James Dignam, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group
9:50 AM

B-Tox: A Bayesian Facelift for Ecotoxicology
David Fox, The University of Melbourne
10:05 AM

Experiences with Approximate Bayes Inference for the Poisson-CAR Model
Chae Young Lim, Michigan State University; Sarat C. Dass, Michigan State University; Tapabrata Maiti, Michigan State University
10:35 AM

A Simulation Study on the Effects of Increasing the Number of Capture Periods in Closed Population Capture-Recapture Models with Heterogeneity
Jose Sanqui, Appalachian State University; Ross Gosky, Appalachian State University
10:50 AM

Coordinate-Free Multiplicative Models for Contingency Tables
Anna Klimova, University of Washington; Tamas Rudas, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest; Adrian Dobra, University of Washington
11:20 AM

A Practical Algorithm for Exact Inference on Tables
Jeffrey W. Miller, Brown University; Matthew T. Harrison, Brown University
11:20 AM

Model Selection of Correlation Structure for Clustered Data
Jianhui Zhou, University of Virginia; Peiyong (Annie) Qu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
11:35 AM

Causal Inference with Latent Growth Mixture Modeling
Booil Jo, Stanford University
11:35 AM

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