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Sunday, 08/01/2010
Model Selection for Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Rosanna Haut, University of California, San Diego
2:20 PM

Automated, Robust Analysis of Quantitative Image Data Using Functional Mixed Models and Isomorphic Basis-Space Modeling
Jeffrey S. Morris, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Veera Baladandayuthapani, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Hongxiao Zhu, MD Anderson Cancer Center
4:05 PM

Efforts to Adjust for Confounding by Neighborhood Using Complex Survey Data
Babette Brumback, University of Florida; Amy Dailey, University of Florida; Zhulin He, University of Florida; Lyndia C. Brumback, University of Washington; Melvin Livingston, University of Florida
4:35 PM

Quantile Regression Extended to Mixed Models
Michelle Quinlan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Walt Stroup, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
4:50 PM

Monday, 08/02/2010
Modeling Hierarchical Structure of Complex Data from a Network of Drug Treatment Programs
Carrie J. Tillotson, Oregon Health & Science University; Dongseok Choi, Oregon Health & Science University; KIm Hoffman, Oregon Health & Science University; Dennis McCarty, Oregon Health & Science University

Comparison of Longitudinal Analyses of Binary Outcome Data: Marginal Models vs. Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Qian Dong, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Goodness-of-Fit Tests in Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Min Tang, University of Maryland; Eric V. Slud, University of Maryland; Ruth Pfeiffer, National Cancer Institute
12:05 PM

Statistical Analyses of Correlated Medical Cost Data
Lei Liu, University of Virginia
2:45 PM

Tuesday, 08/03/2010
Linear Mixed Models for Assessing Longitudinal Mediation
Mark Beasley, The University of Alabama at Birmingham; Robert Makowsky, The University of Alabama at Birmingham; Yu-Mei Schoenberger, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Blood Transfusion After Lung Transplant Using Two-Step Nonlinear Multiphase Generalized Mixed Models
Jeevanantham Rajeswaran, Cleveland Clinic; Eugene H. Blackstone, Cleveland Clinic

Permutation Tests for Random Effects in Linear Mixed Models
Oliver Lee, University of Michigan

Wavelet-Based Functional Linear Mixed Models for Panel Study Data
Elizabeth J. Malloy, American University; Jeffrey S. Morris, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Sara D. Adar, University of Michigan School of Public Health; Helen Suh, Harvard School of Public Health; Dianne R. Gold, Harvard School of Public Health; Brent A. Coull, Harvard School of Public Health

Mixed Models for Repeated Zero-Inflated Counts from Smoking Cessation Data
E. Paul Wileyto, University of Pennsylvania; Yimei Li, University of Pennsylvania; Daniel F. Heitjan, University of Pennsylvania

Identifying Genes Under Selection Using Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Kirsten Elise Eilertson, Cornell University; Jim Booth, Cornell University; Carlos Bustamante, Stanford University
8:35 AM

A Bayesian Approach to Fitting Mixed Models Using Shape-Restricted Regression Splines
Amber Hackstadt, Colorado State University; Mary Meyer, Colorado State University; Jennifer A. Hoeting, Colorado State University
9:05 AM

Mixed-Effect Models for High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomic Profiling Experiments
Timothy Clough, Purdue University; Ching-Yun (Veavi) Chang, Purdue University; Olga Vitek, Purdue University
9:15 AM

Optimal Design in Bioequivalence Studies Analyzed with Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
France Mentre, Universite Paris-Diderot; Thu Thuy N'guyen, Universite Paris-Diderot/INSERM; Anne Dubois, Universite Paris-Diderot/INSERM; Caroline Bazzoli, Universite Paris-Diderot/INSERM
3:20 PM

Generalized Point Estimation with Application to Small Response Estimation
Sam Weerahandi, Pfizer Inc.
3:20 PM

Wednesday, 08/04/2010
Model Selection for Nonnested Linear Mixed Models
Che Smith, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Lloyd Edwards, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Multivariate t Linear Mixed Models with AR(p) Errors for Multiple Longitudinal Data
Wan-Lun Wang, National Central University, Taiwan; Tsai-Hung Fan, National Central University, Taiwan
10:50 AM

Nonparametric and Semiparametric M-Quantile Inference for Longitudinal Data
Nikos Tzavidis, CSSR; Nicola Salvati, DSMAE; Hukum Chandra, IASRI; Raymond Chambers, CSSM
2:05 PM

Multivariate Modeling of Longitudinal Health Care Costs and Time-to-Event Data in Matched Pairs
An Creemers, Universiteit Hasselt; Marc Aerts, Hasselt University; Niel Hens, Hasselt University; Ziv Shkedy, Universiteit Hasselt; Frank De Smet, National Alliance of Christian Mutualities; Philippe Beutels, Universiteit Antwerpen
2:20 PM

Thursday, 08/05/2010
Maximizing the Longitudinal Rate of Change with Multiple Outcome Measures to Improve the Design of Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease
Chengjie Xiong, Washington University
8:35 AM

A Comparison of Rank-Based Methods for Mixed Models
John Kloke, Bucknell University; Joseph W. McKean, Western Michigan University; M. Mushqur Rashid, FDA
9:35 AM

Default Bayesian Analysis for Hierarchical Spatial Multivariate Models
Sarat C. Dass, Michigan State University; Chae Young Lim, Michigan State University; Tapabrata Maiti, Michigan State University
10:55 AM

A CAR Model on Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Survivors with Application of an Ancillarity Sufficiency Interweaving Scheme
Yajun Liu, University of Missouri
11:35 AM

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