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Sunday, 08/01/2010
Bayesian Approach to Zero-Inflated Ordered Probit Models
Getachew Dagne, University of South Florida
2:20 PM

A Single Test Derived from Modeling Biological Heterogeneity of Multiple Serum Biomarkers via Mixture Models Using Bayesian Inference
Eric A. Macklin, MGH Biostatistics Center; Ying Zhou, MGH Biostatistics Center; Trenton C. Pulsipher, MGH Biostatistics Center; Steven James Skates, Massachusetts General Hospital
3:05 PM

Joint Quantile Regression: A Bayesian Approach
Surya Tokdar, Duke University
3:05 PM

Flexible Bent-Cable Models for Mixture Longitudinal Data
Shahedul Ahsan Khan, University of Waterloo; Grace Chiu, CSIRO; Joel A. Dubin, University of Waterloo
4:45 PM

Monday, 08/02/2010
Bayesian Mixed Hidden Markov Models (BMHMM): A Multilevel Approach to Modeling Childhood Asthma
Yue Zhang, University of Southern California; Kiros Berhane, University of Southern California

Bayesian, Frequentist, or Both? Model-Robust Regression and the 'Sandwich' Estimator
Adam A. Szpiro, University of Washington; Kenneth Rice, University of Washington; Thomas Lumley, University of Washington

A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Environmental Correlated Count Processes with Application to Fisheries Habitat Management
Ali Arab, Georgetown University; Scott Holan, University of Missouri; Christopher Wikle, University of Missouri; Mark Wildhaber, U.S. Geological Survey
8:50 AM

Approximate Bayesian Inference of Bacterial Population Trees with Next-Generation Sequencing Data
Alexander V. Alekseyenko, New York University; Marc Suchard, University of California, Los Angeles
8:55 AM

Robust Covariate Control in Cluster-Randomized Trials with MPLUS and WinBUGS
Jiaquan Fan, Westat
9:05 AM

Multiple Imputation for Missing Values Through Conditional Semiparametric Odds Ratio Models
Hua Yun Chen, University of Illinois at Chicago; Hui Xie, University of Illinois at Chicago
9:35 AM

Bayesian Generalized Method of Moments
Guosheng Yin, The University of Hong Kong
10:35 AM

Adaptive Gaussian Predictive Process Model for Large Spatial Data Sets
Rajarshi Guhaniyogi, University of Minnesota; Andrew Finley, Michigan State University; Sudipto Banerjee, University of Minnesota; Alan E. Gelfand, Duke University
11:05 AM

Bayesian Inference for Stereotype Regression
Bhramar Mukherjee, University of Michigan
2:25 PM

Prediction of Individual Long-Term Outcomes from a Multivariate Cure-Mixture Frailty Model
Yimei Li, University of Pennsylvania; Daniel F. Heitjan, University of Pennsylvania; E. Paul Wileyto, University of Pennsylvania
2:30 PM

Dynamic Stock Selection Strategies: A Structured Factor Model Framework
Hedibert Freitas Lopes, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Carlos Marinho Carvalho, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Omar Aguilar, Financial Engines
2:30 PM

Tuesday, 08/03/2010
Decisionmaking in Public Policy: Problems from DOT, FDA, and NASA
David Banks, Duke University

A Bayesian Approach to Fitting Mixed Models Using Shape-Restricted Regression Splines
Amber Hackstadt, Colorado State University; Mary Meyer, Colorado State University; Jennifer A. Hoeting, Colorado State University
9:05 AM

Bayesian Inference in Partially Identified Models
Paul Gustafson, The University of British Columbia
10:35 AM

A Bayesian Method for Estimating Disease Prevalence in the Presence of a Hidden Subpopulation
Chaoxiong Xia, The University of British Columbia; Paul Gustafson, The University of British Columbia
11:35 AM

Nonparametric Spatial Models for Extreme Temperature Data
Montserrat Fuentes, North Carolina State University; John Henry, North Carolina State University; Brian Reich, North Carolina State University
11:50 AM

A Dynamic Approach for the Piecewise Exponential Model with Random Time Grid
Dipak K. Dey, University of Connecticut
2:05 PM

Generalized Point Estimation with Application to Small Response Estimation
Sam Weerahandi, Pfizer Inc.
3:20 PM

Wednesday, 08/04/2010
Multilevel Modeling of Follow-Up Studies with Missing Data
Monica Michelle Bennett, Baylor University; John Seaman, Baylor University; James Stamey, Baylor University

Outcome-Informed Clustering of Gene Expression Profiles
Jessie Jann Hsu, Harvard University; David Schoenfeld, Harvard University; Dianne Finkelstein, Harvard University
10:35 AM

Simultaneous Bayesian Inference for Skew-Normal Mixed-Effects Joint Models for Longitudinal Data
Yangxin Huang, University of South Florida
11:20 AM

Finite Mixtures of Individual-Level Models for Infectious Diseases
Rob Deardon, University of Guelph; Lorna Deeth, University of Guelph
2:05 PM

Linear Approximations of Individual-Level Models for Infectious Disease
Grace Pui Sze Kwong, University of Guelph; Rob Deardon, University of Guelph
2:20 PM

Thursday, 08/05/2010
Application of the Pattern Mixture Model to Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) Scores in a Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) Trial for Brain Tumors
Kyounghwa Bae, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group; Seunghee Baek, University of Pennsylvania; James Dignam, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group
9:50 AM

A Simulation Study on the Effects of Increasing the Number of Capture Periods in Closed Population Capture-Recapture Models with Heterogeneity
Jose Sanqui, Appalachian State University; Ross Gosky, Appalachian State University
10:50 AM

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