Presentations on Disability Research Given at ASA Meetings

Survey Design and Data Collection Issues in the Disability Evaluation Study (Carla Maffeo, William Frey, Graham Kalton, Westat)

Estimation of Proxy, Time and Content Effect for the Health and Activity Limitation Survey (Eric R. Langlet, Statistics Canada)

Federal Disability Surveys in the United States: Lessons and Challenges (Michele C. Adler, Social Security Administration and Gerry E. Hendershot, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

The Labor Market for Statisticians and Other Scientists (Carolyn Shettle, National Science Foundation and Catherine Gaddy, Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology)

Reading the Fine Print: Evaluating Discrepancies in Print Reading Disability Statistics (Paul Beatty, National Center for Health Statistics, Wendy Davis, U.S. Census Bureau, Emilie Schmeidler, and Corinne Kirchner, American Foundation for the Blind)

Issues in Designing the Medical Evaluation Study for Disability (Cada E. Maffeo, Graham Kalton, Leyla Mohadjer, Westat Inc.; Mitchell P. LaPlante, University of California; Martynas A. Yeas, Social Secruity Administration)

Plans for the 1993-94 National Health Interview Survey on Disability (Gloria Simpson, David Keer, and Marcie Cynamon, National Center for Health Statistics)

Estimating Variances for Health And Disability Domains in the National Health Interview Survey (Mitchell P. LaPlante, University of California, San Francisco)

Operationalizing Alternative Disability Definitions in a Household Survey (Martynas A. Ycas and Daniel Kasprzyk, Department of Health and Human Services)

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