Privacy Statement

The use of information collected from students participating in Census at School is limited to the purposes of teaching and learning. These data should not be used for formal research or regarded as providing official statistics describing U.S. schoolchildren.

The U.S. Census at School Random Sampler provides a random sample of responses from students participating in the U.S. Census at School program. Class participation and student responses are voluntary and do not represent a random sample of students in individual states or the United States.

The online survey does not collect personal identifiable information from participating students, such as names, addresses, identification numbers, or school information. U.S. Census at School responses are maintained on a secure database controlled by the American Statistical Association. Only teachers have direct access to their own class census results through the use of a password. Before students submit their survey responses online, we recommend teachers review their school Internet safety guidelines.

The online survey questions and materials have been adapted from the International Census at School survey questions and materials and those of the other participating countries, available through