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Survey Research Methods Section: Links And Resources.

  1. SRMSNET is a mailing list (listserv) which was created to allow members of ASA's Survey Research Methods Section to stay in closer touch with what is happening in the field.

  2. International Association for Survey Statisticians (IASS).

  3. Social Statistics Section of the Royal Statistical Society (UK).

  4. American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR)

  5. Fedstats - U.S. Government Statistics

  6. Survey Methods Section of the Statistical Society of Canada

  7. Statistics Canada

  8. Software for Analysis of Survey Data

  9. Survey Research Laboratory (SRL) at University of Illinois at Chicago

  10. "Interviewer Falsification in Survey Research: Current Best Methods for Prevention, Detection and Repair of its Effects"

  11. American Statistical Association's Privacy, Confidentiality, and Data Security Web Site

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