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Friday, October 19
Fri, Oct 19, 11:45 AM - 1:15 PM
Current Topics in Proteomics

Coherent Multi-Task Feature Selection and Prediction from Pharmacogenomics Databases (304830)

*Alahendra Acharige Chamila Dilhani Perera, Texas Tech University 
Raziur Rahman, Texas Tech University 
Ranadip Pal, Texas Tech University 
Souparno Ghosh, Texas Tech University 

Keywords: Adaptive multi-task elastic net, Random Forest, Bayesian data fusion model, Pharmacogenomics data

Integrating multiple databases of similar tasks is a significant problem in biological data analysis. In this article we offer two methodologies for combining information across similar databases. First, we demonstrate that an adaptive multi-task elastic net for feature selection and Random Forest for prediction, can be used to borrow information across databases with superior predictive performance. Second, we offer a two stage Bayesian data fusion model to perform full predictive inference. We illustrate both methodologies with synthetic data and publicly available Pharmacogenomics data.