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Friday, May 18
Data Science
Data Science Programs
Fri, May 18, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Grand Ballroom G

WVU Master of Science in Business Data Analytics: Challenges and Experiences with Online Data Science Programs (304489)


*Brad Price, West Virginia University 

West Virginia University's Master of Science in Business Analytics is a 10 course, 30 credit, online hybrid program that was launched in 2016. The program has four core focal points: 1) Data Science 2) Applied Statistics 3)Operations Research 4) Data Management. The program is designed to develop both technical aspects in the four areas, but also in the soft skills such as communication and critical thinking to maximize impact organizations. Our program is offered in both 12 and 24 month options, and contains hands on experiential learning in most courses. Many students in our program continue to work full-time while obtaining their MS. Online programs in data science face challenges with technology access by students, distance learning in a technical field, and facilitating the full-time education for students who already hold full-time positions. In this talk we will discuss the technological challenges that arise in online education as well as challenges in offering asynchronous courses in a rapidly changing environment.