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Five Steps for Entering a Session Proposal

Step 1
Choose session type. The JSM Program Committee is accepting topic-contributed session proposals. Please select TOPIC-CONTRIBUTED as the session type.

Choose session subtype. Select the type of topic-contributed session. A PAPER session consists of five participants presenting individual papers or serving as discussants in the session (at least three of whom must be paper presenters). In the PANEL session format, a minimum of three and a maximum of six panelists provide commentary on a particular topic. Please choose either paper or panel. Note: there are no discussants in a panel session.

Step 2
Enter the session details.

  1. Enter the session title.
  2. Enter the session description. Please include the following information: short description of session, including focus, content, timeliness, and appeal; list of topic-contributed speakers/panelists, including affiliation and email address for each participant; tentative title for each presentation; and the session format (e.g., chair, four speakers, and discussant). Individual abstracts are not required at this time.
  3. Designate whether the session has topics relevant to the JSM theme and/or will have special appeal to applied statisticians.
  4. Select the estimated audience size the session will attract. When done entering this information, click the “Next Step” button.

Step 3
Enter current contact information for the session organizer. This person is responsible for communicating with the session speakers and organizing the session chair and discussants (if any). A valid email address is required. When done entering this information, click the “Next Step” button. If you have multiple organizers, please email with the Session ID and additional organizer names, affiliations, and email addresses.

Step 4
Enter current contact information for the session chair. The session organizer can also chair the session; however, one person cannot chair and present a paper or serve as a discussant or panelist in the same session. A valid and unique email address is required. When done entering this information, click the “Next Step” button.

Step 5
Enter current contact information for each discussant in the session. Discussants are permitted for topic-contributed paper sessions, but are not required. A valid and unique email address is required for each discussant. Please do not enter speaker or panelist names with this step; these should be provided in Step 2. Click “Add this discussant” after each discussant’s information is entered. When done adding all discussants or if there are no discussants for this session, click the “Next Step” button.

You can preview all your entries and go back and modify them before final submission.

Final Submission
You will be asked to create a password* before submitting this session. The password can be used to edit the session until January 11, 2018. Once you click on the “Submit Session” button, your entries are inserted into the database and a confirmation number is generated and displayed for you.

Questions? Please contact the ASA Meetings Department.

*This password might be shared with the session chair at a future date.