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Presentations from the event

How much of the NBA home court advantage is explained by rest? presented by Oliver Entine and Dylan Small

Statistical models for the evaluation of fielding in baseball, presented by Shane T. Jensen

Probability and optimization models for racing, presented by Victor S. Lo

Rating the ratings: A comparison of methods for ranking college ice hockey teams, presented by Robin Lock and Julia Palmateer

The Tennis Formula: How it can be used in professional tennis, presented by A. James O'Malley

The passing premium puzzle reconsidered, presented by Duane W. Rockerbie

The pot calling the kettle black: Are NBA statistical models more irrational than "irrational" decision-makers? presented by Dan T. Rosenbaum

A Markov model for basketball, presented by Kenny Shirley

Does pole position really matter: Mixed model relationship of MotoGP qualifying practice and final race times, presented by Leanne Streja

In search of the advantage to batting last in baseball, presented by Theodore L. Turocy

On probabilistic excitement of sports games, presented by Jan Vecer

Real-world challenges in the pursuit of Olympic excellence, presented by Peter Vint

A simple and flexible rating method for predicting success in the NCAA basketball tournament, presented by Brady T. West

Racial discrimination among NBA referees, presented by Justin Wolfers

Estimating situational effects on OPS, presented by Phil Yates

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