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Teachers!   This program is for you!
Statisticians!   Teachers need your help!

Motivated by recent articles calling for statisticians to make a connection with high school statistics teachers, the Boston Chapter of the ASA is sponsoring a high school outreach program for the 2002/2003 school year. The program will be based on a 'buddy system', matching up local area statisticians with high school statistics teachers. The goal of the program is to provide a resource to both new and experienced statistics teachers. Type of statistical support may include (1) answering questions, (2) helping with project ideas, (3) being a guest speaker, and (4) consulting with students working on projects. The amount of support will depend on the statistician and the teacher.

Matches will be made based on location and level of support to be provided. Results will be e-mailed in August/September. The program will offer a start-up meeting that will be scheduled for September/October.

Statisticians! Can you imagine the wealth of statistical knowledge that the Boston area holds? With your help, teachers will be able to access it. If you live or work in the Boston area (within Rt 495) please consider sharing your knowledge with a teacher. The level of commitment that we are asking from statisticians is an average of less than 1 hour a week. Depending on the amount of support you want to offer beyond answering questions, some weeks may require more than 1 hour. This is up to you.

Teachers! This program is for you! If you work in the Boston area (within 495) please consider signing up for a buddy! With all the wealth of knowledge in statistics that Boston offers, why not tap into it? It's worth your while!

For more information, or to sign up, please contact Kerstin Allen at


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